Captain Marvel LEGO Set Blasts Off as SDCC Exclusive

Captain Marvel and the rest of her crew will be heading to Comic-Con International in San Diego this year in the form of LEGO Minifigs celebrating the Marvel hero’s recent solo film, Captain Marvel. Of course, those Minifigs will also come with their own modest LEGO set depicting Carol’s experimental ship, the Asis, from the film.

The set also includes Minifigs for both Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau and Goose the cat – er, Flerken, whose unique alien transformation is on display in the set. The set will be sold exclusively at Comic-Con.

If you’re looking to pick up your own crazy Flerken Minifig, or one of Monica Rambeau’s cool pilot mom, you can file a submission of interest through the Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive Portal. The portal will open for submissions during the last week of June. Additional information can be found at Comic-Con’s official website, with more information coming as the convention draws near.

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The Asis is crucial to the plot of Captain Marvel, as its power source, the Light Speed Engine, was revealed to be the Tesseract, a housing unit for the Space Stone. Carol shot the stone to keep it away from her sinister Kree pursuer Yon-Rogg, fusing the stone’s energy with the fighter pilot who would later go on to become Captain Marvel.

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Captain Marvel and the Asis contains 271 pieces and costs $45 to purchase.

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