INTERVIEW: Captain Marvel Flies High - And Gets a New Significant Other

Captain Marvel is quickly becoming one of Marvel's most iconic characters, and next year her star will shine even brighter thanks to the release of her much anticipated Marvel Studios feature film, Captain Marvel. Part of the reason for the character's meteoric rise is she's an incredibly versatile combination of the everywoman and cosmic hero archetypes. Her working class Boston background endowed her with a sense of justice, adventure and a never-say-die attitude. Her vast superhuman powers and newly discovered Kree heritage means creators can explore Carol's heroic qualities and flaws against both larger than life earthbound backdrops and interstellar ones.

For the past couple of years, Danvers' adventures have tended to focus on the cosmic landscape, but next year she'll return to Earth and attempt to reconnect with some old friends, make some new ones and punch some supervillains in the face. It all starts in January with the launch of a new volume of Captain Marvel by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero, which will find Carol face to face with a number of major Marvel heroes like Spider-Woman, Iron Man and War Machine, as well as fan-favorites like Avengers Academy alumnus Hazmat.

CBR spoke with Thompson about the role those characters will play in the new series, her plans for Captain Marvel's rogues gallery, and the kinds of adventures Carol will become embroiled in upon returning to Earth.

CBR: So Kelly, in Captain Marvel #1 you're returning to a character you've clearly enjoyed writing before both during your first Marvel project, the Secret Wars era mini Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps, and as part of A-Force. But you're also coming back to her in the aftermath of The Life of Captain Marvel, a miniseries that's revealing some things Carol thought about her family weren't exactly true. So what's it like returning to Carol? What kind of headspace will she be in when you pick up with her Captain Marvel #1?

Kelly Thompson: It’s incredible to get to come back to Carol and an honor to get to be doing it at this very pivotal moment for the character. In our first arc, Carol is really just trying to get back into the swing of things after the traumatic and revealing events of Life of Captain Marvel, and also after a long time in space living a pretty different life than her one on Earth. We’ll be addressing some of that very directly in Issue #1. But we will also pick up on a lot of the fascinating threads and developments set up in Life in more of a slow burn story that’s going to start paying off in the second and third arc, rather than the first. There are a lot of layers here!

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