Captain Marvel: 10 Iconic Villains, Ranked

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has faced more than her fair share of antagonists during her time in the comic book world. Some of these antagonists she faced back while she was known as Ms. Marvel, and others during her time as the iconic Captain Marvel.

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Some of those antagonists stuck with us, becoming the iconic rivals we know today and that is where our focus lies in this list. Our goal is to cover the ten most iconic villains Captain Marvel has ever faced. Everything from her repeat antagonists, to the characters who have done her the most lasting harm. We're going to cover it all.

10 Titannus

Titannus is one of many antagonists that somehow keep rearing their heads in the Marvel Universe. He's come up against several Marvel heroes, but he's mostly an iconic villain for Captain Marvel. Actually, anybody that has to deal with the Skrulls on a regular basis has to deal with this jerk.

You see, Titannus is to the Skrulls what Captain America is to humans. And that's...not great. He's great at causing a lot of damage (he destroyed Tokyo once). He's got all of the advantages of the Skrulls, and then some, so it's no surprise that he's always a bit of an issue to take down.

9 Nitro


Nitro is one of those characters with a long and extended history with Captain Marvel. And we're referring to both the current and first rendition of the Captains in this instance. He's been a nuisance that long.

Nitro has the ability to blow up his body, which means he can recover from it – and a lot of other damage in the process. He's very good at starting problems – inciting Civil War, giving Mar-Vell cancer, and that sort of thing. It's no wonder Carol hates him so much nor that fans have a tendency to remember his face.

8 The Brood

The Brood is yet another repeat villain that Carol Danvers has had to face on a regular basis. The Brood are parasites, and they tend to go full-on Alien whenever possible. Meaning that they capture people and lay eggs within them. And yes, it's just as gross as you might imagine.

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The Brood seems to be especially fond of antagonizing and tormenting Carol Danvers. Though maybe they really don't mean it personally? It's just as likely that she keeps getting in their way, being earth's protector and all.

7 Ronan The Accuser

Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan the Accuser, being Kree, is naturally one of the antagonists that Carol Danvers has been forced to come up against, time and time again. They even had a confrontation in the movie, as fans are well aware.

Ronan is a Kree through and through. He believes that the Kree are the supreme beings in the universe, and will look down (and attack/attempt to kill) anything and everyone else. Naturally, that means he is on the opposite side of the line where Captain Marvel is concerned.

6 Deathbird

The animosity between Deathbird and Carol Danvers reaches back to the days when she was known as Ms. Marvel. Deathbird is Shi'ar royalty, and she's admittedly got an extremely complicated backstory (and family history).

Deathbird has managed to make herself the enemy of Carol Danvers as well as a whole slew of the X-Men. Which probably wasn't her smartest move. But she tends to think that she's better than everybody and everything (thanks to being Shi'ar and all), so that's really no surprise.

5 Moonstone

Moonstone is one of those characters who has a very complex history with Captain Marvel. For one thing, there was a time when she carried the mantle herself. Which wasn't great, given that she isn't exactly a good person.

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After all, she's a member of the Masters of Evil, so how good could she be? The Masters of Evil are basically the Dark Avengers, and it's a role she enjoys. She takes particular delight in targeting anybody carrying the Captain Marvel mantle, including Carol Danvers.

4 Supreme Intelligence

Supreme Intelligence

The Supreme Intelligence is yet another alien antagonist that Captain Marvel finds herself facing again and again. But that makes sense, given Carol's history with the Kree. The Supreme Intelligence is an entity made by the Kree, let loose to develop until it took over the Kree government (which was their intention).

Now, it'll come as no surprise that a super-intelligent Kree AI is a danger to basically all life outside of the Kree Empire. Likewise, it's no surprise that this problem frequently ends up on Carol's lap, since she is usually the hero forced to deal with the Kree.

3 Rogue

Marvel Women Rogue

Rogue has perhaps the most complicated backstory with Captain Marvel. Back before Rogue went hero, she was a villain. And in that time she targeted and attacked Carol Danvers. She took her powers, her memories, everything from Carol.

It took a long time before Carol was back to her old self, and even then she lost a lot of the emotional ties to the memories she's regained. Even though they have since made peace with what has happened, the fact remains that Carol will be forever affected by what was done to her.

2 Yon-Rogg

Yon-Rogg is such an iconic villain for Captain Marvel that they couldn't resist including him in the movies (along with a few others, naturally). He's a Kree military commander, and he's got a complicated history with Captain Marvel. And Mar-Vell, for that matter.

He's one of those antagonists that presents a major threat to Carol, thanks to his viciousness and brutal strength...as well as his overall preference towards violence. But thankfully, on more than one occasion his own plot has ended up backfiring on him in the most satisfying of ways. But that doesn't change the fact that he is one of the most iconic villains for Captain Marvel.

1 Mystique

Mystique is one of several X-Men villains that Captain Marvel constantly finds herself coming up against. It is admittedly very interesting, seeing how many crossovers happen between these series, but fans aren't complaining about that fact.

Mystique may be more famous for her role as an X-Men villain, so it might shock fans to hear that she originally debuted as a Captain Marvel villain. Or, more accurately, as a Ms. Marvel antagonist.

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