Captain Marvel: 10 Heroes She Trusts With Her Life (And 10 She Can’t Stand To Be Around)

Once upon a time, the awesomeness of Captain Marvel was like a well-kept secret. She was a cool enough character for years as Ms. Marvel, and when she got her new rank and new uniform, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick made the character more popular than ever before. The powers that be took notice of Captain Marvel’s rising popularity and did the next logical thing: they gave the greenlight for a solo Captain Marvel movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means before too long, we’ll see how well she can work and play with some of your favorite on-screen heroes.

The worst part about this for the fans is the waiting. Sure, we all know how cool it will be to see Captain Marvel interacting with other heroes in Avengers 4, but the long wait is a bit of a long one. Wouldn’t it be cool and convenient if you could go ahead and see some of her most awesome interactions? Good news, true believer -- you can. In the comics, Captain Marvel has been rubbing elbows with some of Marvel’s greatest heroes for decades. However, she is very strong-willed and combative, so a few of these interactions go pretty badly. In fact, there are a few heroes that Captain Marvel just can’t stand. Want to know who her BFFs are and who her frenemies are? Don’t worry, we won’t make you wait until next summer to find out her whole deal. If you’re interested in learning these secrets, just keep scrolling to discover 10 Heroes Captain Marvel Trusts With Her Life (And 10 She Can’t Stand)!

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Captain Marvel Mar-Vell

When you’re figuring out who you can trust, there’s a fundamental question: do you trust yourself? In the case of Captain Marvel, the answer is “yup!” This is because of the trust and respect that she has for the first character who bore the name of Captain Marvel.

In the comics, he had long since passed when she took up the mantle, but she clearly respected his legacy. In the upcoming film adaptation, rumor is the original Captain Marvel will serve as a mentor to Carol Danvers and help her learn the ropes of her new powers. We’re excited to see what happens next.



For a long time, Marvel movies have been gateways to Marvel comics. However, X-Men film fans were a bit surprised when they discovered all the powers the Rogue of the comics had. Wasn’t she just supposed to be the girl with the ability to steal powers?

Rogue of the comics started out this way but eventually stole Captain Marvel’s powers (under the instruction of Mystique). She held onto Marvel so long that Rogue permanently absorbed her powers of flight and super strength, and Carol never passed away. Because of this, Rogue and Captain Marvel have always been uneasy towards one another, even long after Rogue became a hero.


Believe it or not, one of Captain Marvel’s closest allies is Jessica Jones. In the Alias comics that introduced us to Jones, Captain Marvel was her friend and confidante. Carol Danvers basically represented the last connection that Jones had to the superhero world that she had run away from.

Fun fact is that Trish Walker was added to the Jessica Jones MCU show to basically take over for Captain Marvel as Jones’ best friend. This was necessary simply because the Jessica Jones TV show came out before Captain Marvel had been properly introduced into the MCU. Now that she’s here, we can only hope for some kind of on-screen meeting between these two comic besties.


Most people think of Magneto as an X-Men villain. However, he has taken a more recent turn as a kind of reluctant hero and mentor to younger mutants. This doesn’t change the fact that Captain Marvel absolutely can’t stand the guy.

Their beef goes way back to a time when Magneto destroyed her -- sort of. In fact, he destroyed a corrupted version of Captain Marvel, but the real deal came back soon enough. Later, Captain Marvel ruffled Magneto’s feathers by comparing him to an infamous tyrant and pointing out that he eventually became that which he despised. Our verdict? Cruel but accurate, Carol.


Ultimate Professor X Xavier

One aspect of Captain Marvel’s comic history that won’t be making it to the big screen is her friendship with the X-Men, which is why she trusts Professor Xavier so much. In fact, one of her first adventures with the X-Men involved basically erasing her whole life.

She decided to break with her old life as Ms. Marvel, and she helped the X-Men break into the an important and erase both their top secret files, as well as her own. She went on to help the X-Men fight the alien Brood and eventually was transformed by the alien villains into a cosmic hero known as Binary.


Once upon a time, Abigail Brand was the commander of S.W.O.R.D. -- the organization is to space as S.H.I.E.L.D. is to Earth. This meant that Brand was in charge of protecting the Earth from things like alien invasions, although if you ask the Skrulls, she wasn’t very good at it.

That’s one reason why Captain Marvel ended up getting the job as commander of S.W.O.R.D., though Brand was still there and now had to report to a boss. Brand was hostile and belligerent towards Marvel, so even though Brand is a capable warrior in her own right, Danvers couldn’t really stand her.


Scott Lang Ant Man

When figuring out who Captain Marvel trusts, we must first ask the question: how do you define trust? One of the fundamental aspects of trusting someone is trusting them with the happiness of your friends, and that’s how we know Captain Marvel trusts Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man.

The reason we know this is that Captain Marvel helped hook Scott Lang up with her best friend, Jessica Jones. She figured the two would have some romantic compatibility, and they did -- right up until Purple Man ended up ruining everything and making Jones think Lang had perished. Still, this whole sequence of events shows how much Carol trusted Lang in the first place.


Rocket raccoon mignola

Captain Marvel gets along quite well with most of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They’ve shared many cosmic adventures together, and they’ve helped save alien planets on more than one occasion. There is one Guardian she can’t stand, though and it comes as no surprise that it's Rocket Racoon.

At one point, Captain Marvel had what she thought was a simple cat. Rocket thought it was an alien flerken -- a dangerous and unpredictable alien creature. It turned out he was right, but along the way, Rocket alternated between trying to sell and trying to end Carol’s pet, and she got quite angry with the Guardian over these incidents.


Wonder Man is a superhero, but he’s definitely taken the long way around. This character has often been a reluctant hero, and he’s often just as happy to be a Hollywood star as he is to be a superhero. At one point in time, Captain Marvel even had deep feelings for him.

All of this occurred during the time she was in charge of yet another iteration of The Avengers. That meant, along with Iron Man, she got to pick the roster. She made sure to get Wonder Man on the team, in large part due to how much she trusted him in their relationship.


Deadpool Uncanny Avengers

Captain Marvel doesn’t have a very extensive history with Deadpool, however the history she does have with him is pretty weird. For instance, he one time fought for possession of some spiritual “babies” that needed to be reassembled to resurrect her. In another dimension, Deadpool uses Pym particles to end her and many other Avengers.

It’s possible Captain Marvel has been bottling this rage for a number of years. The reason we say this is that when the Avengers went to recruit Deadpool and he fought them, she used her powers to literally blast his guts out of his body. No love lost for the Merc With a Mouth.


In the Marvel Universe, it’s understood that Spider-Man is an acquired taste. While real world audiences love to laugh at his quips, his fellow heroes often find his nonstop jokes to be distracting and unfunny. This is one of the reasons why it took Captain Marvel a while to trust Spidey.

When she trusted him, though, she went all the way. They actually went on a date (with her paying, which the perpetually poor Peter Parker was grateful for) and had a great time swapping stories about fighting Norman Osborn. The date is interrupted by a bad guy attack, but ever since then, Carol has really trusted Spidey.


god emperor doom secret wars

Doctor Doom is another supervillain that has at times played a hero and, once, even played god. It was because of the latter that Captain Marvel can’t stand the guy. Although to be perfectly fair, most people in the Marvel Universe can’t stand Doctor Doom.

Back when Doom had the powers of God, he considered himself “merciful.” However, his idea of mercy was only sparing people if they bowed down and worshiped him (Doom was obviously more of an Old Testament god than a New Testament one). When Captain Marvel resisted, she promptly got a beat down by Doom.


Captain Marvel’s adventures are typically split between Earth and the rest of the cosmos. When she’s out and about in space, though, she’s not always alone. She is sometimes helped out by the Guardians of the Galaxy and their fearless leader, Star-Lord.

Despite his tendency to get into trouble, Captain Marvel deeply trusts this character. She has helped him in his struggle against his evil father, and Star-Lord helped her fight against Iron Man in the second "Civil War" event. No matter where these two heroes end up in the universe, each of them has the other’s back, and it’s awesome to see.


Ultimate Silver Surfer

Some of the beefs on this list are more recent than others. For instance, Captain Marvel has had a relatively tame history with Silver Surfer but due to some upcoming events, the two are destined to be at each other’s cosmic throats very soon!

Previously, Captain Marvel was part of a team that clashed with Galactus. They ultimately succeeded in making Galactus good (or at least, not evil), but at a price: Silver Surfer had to once again become the herald of Galactus. Now, Silver Surfer must once again find planets for Galactus to consume, making him an enemy of Captain Marvel and, effectively, all living beings.


Captain Marvel and Captain America don’t always see eye to eye politically. However, he has been an inspiration for basically her entire life as a superhero. After all, he is the prototype for a soldier-turned-superhero and has always been the leader Captain Marvel strives to be.

In some universes, this trust even extends to emulation. In an alternate universe, Captain Marvel actually takes up Cap’s shield and mantle to help fight against an invasion of Venom-like symbiotes. This style and story is so cool that we’d like to see it play out in the 616 universe or even (in time) on the big screen.



Casual fans might be a bit surprised to see Mystique listed among all these superheroes, after all she is best known for being a villain who clashes with the X-Men and other heroes. However, at one time, she and some other former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants worked as governmental superhero team Freedom Force.

Of course, changing from villain to hero didn’t make Carol hate her any less. This is because Mystique was the one who used Rogue to sap Marvel’s powers and memories. She nearly perished in that event, and she was only saved by Spider-Woman. Carol remained bitter towards Mystique long after she recovered.


Some of the characters on this list blur the line between superhero and celebrity -- Wonder Man is one such character, and Lila Cheney is another. Lila is a mutant who can teleport all around the galaxy, however she’s also an intergalactic musical celebrity.

When Lila accidentally teleports to Captain Marvel’s ship, Marvel helps her get out of an interplanetary marriage engagement (long story). Along the way, they become close friends, with Lila inviting Carol to kick it with her on the planet Aladna whenever she wanted to. Is it too much to hope that Lila might be dropping a hot Captain Marvel mix tape any day now?


Blob Secondary Mutation

Blob is basically in the same camp as Mystique. Normally, he is known only as an evil mutant, but he was also once part of Freedom Force. In this capacity, he helped to defend those in charge of the country. On one occasion, that meant protecting it from Captain Marvel and the X-Men.

It all went down when Marvel helped the X-Men to break into an important building and erase the information the powers that be had on these mutants. Blob and other members of Freedom Force were on site and nearly kept Captain Marvel and her crew from completing their important mission together.



“Trust” is a relative concept. How do you define who someone trusts? For us, love is a pretty big indicator, and it’s because of the power of love that we know Captain Marvel trusts James Rhodes, better known to the world as War Machine.

Captain Marvel had a relationship with War Machine that was only briefly portrayed in the comics but seemingly pretty serious. In fact, they basically agreed to do a long-term relationship when she went back into space to have madcap cosmic adventures. While the two weren’t destined to be together forever, we thought their relationship was super cute.


Captain Marvel had worked alongside Iron Man for many years in the Avengers. Eventually, though, they had a pretty epic falling out. The reason for this is that they had a fundamental disagreement on the best way to protect the people of Earth.

It started when they discovered a young Inhuman who could seemingly predict the future with stunning accuracy. Marvel wanted to use his abilities to stop crime before it happened, but Iron Man believed the future was never set in stone. Their disagreement got so intense that it caused a second "Civil War" between the various superheroes of the world.

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