Has Captain Marvel Finally Distanced Itself from Green Lantern?

Since the announcement of Captain Marvel back in 2014, people have been comparing the film to Green Lantern, the infamous 2011 film that continues to disappoint seven years after its release. It's not a random comparison. The two superheroes are similar in more ways than one.

That's something the filmmakers of Captain Marvel are aware of, which is why they've made every attempt to distinguish the film from Green Lantern, as revealed by co-writer Nicole Perlman back in 2016. What that essentially means is that some of the smaller details of Carol Danvers' origins were rewritten for the film.

Audiences were finally given a proper look at the character in the recently released Captain Marvel trailer, which provided a brief look at the world, characters and story of Brie Larson's titular hero. Right now it's still anyone's guess as to what the film will be like, but one thing is clear: Aside from the obvious -- such as color, tone and all the superficial qualities -- Captain Marvel will be nothing like Green Lantern.

There may be a few apparent similarities here and there (they're both pilots inducted into a team of intergalactic enforcers), but their stories are quite different now, especially since the trailer hints that Danvers' memories of a life on Earth aren't real. The two superhero stories differ greatly in complexity, with respect to their films.

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Where Green Lantern faced off against one big, evil villain to test his strength of will, Captain Marvel seems to be going up against an entire race of aliens, the Skrull, in a delicate situation concerning the Earth and the Kree Empire. That means there's far more to test the strength and qualities of Danvers' character than just a single threat she can defeat with sufficient punching.

With both films being set at least partially among the stars, there was always the risk that people would compare the two films for their visual depictions of space and alien technology. One of the reasons why Green Lantern is so infamous is because the visual effects were just plain bad and film relied so heavily on them. Even Hal Jordan's mask was CGI.

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