Captain Marvel May Have Just Cast the MCU's Monica Rambeau

DeWanda Wise, star of the current Spike Lee Netflix series, She's Gotta Have It, has been cast in an unknown role in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, set to star Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, the current hero known as Captain Marvel. While it is unknown who, precisely, Wise is playing in the film, it makes a lot of sense for her to play Monica Rambeau, the hero known as Spectrum.

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In case you're wondering why, exactly, it would make sense to have Monica featured in this film, it is because of Monica's history as a superhero, or more specifically, her history as Captain Marvel. You see, in January 1982, Marvel released the graphic novel, The Death of Captain Marvel, featuring Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, passing away.

Less than a year later, however, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 came out. The book, written by Roger Stern and drawn by both John Romitas, introduced Marvel Comics readers to an all-new character named Monica Rambeau, who took on the then-abandoned alias of Captain Marvel.

Stern brought her right into The Avengers, which he also wrote, and she served as a member of the team for five years. She proved so popular, she ended up becoming the leader of the team towards the end of Stern's run.

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Since then, Monica has changed her name a number of times (first to Photon when Mar-Vell's son, Genis, took on the name of Captain Marvel, and then to Pulsar when Genis decided to take the name of Photon for himself, presumably as a joke. Then to her current name of Spectrum).

However, when Carol Danvers decided to take on the name of Captain Marvel (partially to honor her old friend, Mar-Vell, who is responsible for Carol getting her powers in the first place), Carol and Monica had a confrontation over the name issue.

The confrontation, though, has established a close relationship between Carol and Monica, a relationship that carried over to them becoming teammates in the newly reformed Ultimates following Secret Wars.

Thus, Monica Rambeau is particularly well situated to be introduced as a supporting character in Captain Marvel's new movie. It would be great to see one of the most prominent black female heroes in the Marvel Universe get a chance to show up on the silver screen. However, this all remains speculation until we find out who Wise has been cast as (we still don't know which villain Ben Mendelsohn is playing the film!).

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