Captain Marvel Just Beat an Avenger in a Fight... and Killed Him?

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #12 by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Tamra Bonvillain and Clayton Cowles, in stores now.

Debates over which heroes would win in a fight have raged between comic fans for years. More often than not, these imaginary matches pit hero versus hero, since it's unlikely such a confrontation will ever come to pass in the comics. But every now and then, our wildest theories are addressed.

Now, in Captain Marvel #12, Marvel answers the question of who would win in a fight between Captain Marvel and Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder.

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However, this battle between the two Avengers isn't just a question of who's stronger. It's a display of which of these two tested combat veterans is the more cunning warrior. And with Captain Marvel burying her good side as she seemingly turns into an evil version of herself, she proves that she can viciously take out Thor if she really wants to.

Captain Marvel #12 marks the start of the highly anticipated "The Last Avenger" storyline, which sees Captain Marvel adopt a new, dark costume and turn into a dangerous villain. The reason for her nefarious turn has yet to be revealed, but right off the bat, we are informed that her mission is to take out (read: kill) her fellow Avengers teammates. And Thor, who is currently offering is godly services to remove ice blocks from Avengers Mountain, is the first Avenger on her list.

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Carol takes him by surprise, but Thor isn't taken aback for long. Soon, he's got Mjolnir in hand, and the battle between the two Avengers is so hard-hitting that it takes them all over the world, from Greenland and Canada to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Between Captain Marvel's energy blasts and Thor's crashing lightning, the fight seems to be at a stalemate in terms of power levels.

However, the battle takes a turn when  Carol turns her powers on the God of Thunder's his trusty hammer, Mjolnir. Concentrating all of her abilities on the hammer, she blasts it out of orbit and deep into the cosmos. Then, without his powerful weapon, Carol is able to knock the God of Thunder out cold.

We don't yet know the reason why Carol has turned evil and taken out Thor, but she appears to be very serious. In fact, after the fight, she faces her benefactor, Vox Supreme, and offers him the bloody, severed head of Thor.

Considering how many other places Thor is currently appearing, this doesn't really seem like the end for Marvel's main God of Thunder. By all accounts, Carol seems to be regretful of her actions, which leads us to believe there is more to her seemingly villainous turn. Between all of the science and magic in the Marvel Universe, it wouldn't be too difficult for her to get her hands on a fake or decoy head. For the moment, it's not clear what all of this is for, and the over five Avengers on her list should probably start watching their backs.

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