Captain Marvel's Costume Finally Resolves MCU's High Heel Problem

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a high heel problem. To date, just about every female superhero costume -- from Black Window to Gamora to Scarlet Witch to Valkyrie -- has included a pair of heels in their ensemble. However, with Captain Marvel, it looks like that is about to change.

Recent photos from the Avengers 4 set revealed Captain Marvel star Brie Larson's costume for the very first time. Although Carol Danvers is seen wearing what appears to be a Kree military uniform, this costume has all the same design elements of her traditional blue-and-red super suit, which may indicate that it is an early version of the outfit. If that's the case,Β Captain Marvel is taking a much more sensible approach to its protagonist's shoes.


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In the photos, Larson wears a boot with a flat heel. Though there seems to be a small platform, this is not uncharacteristic of military-style boots, which is appropriate for the former Air Force pilot. Like her predecessors, Larson's boots are incorporated into the design of her full costume, with green accents to match. Fortunately, the costume also avoids the "boob armor" design that plagues characters like Wasp, Valkyrie and Lady Sif.

While Carol's boots are a step in the right direction, the MCU has continually given its female superheroes heels. This began in Iron Man 2, which introduced Black Widow. Since her debut, Black Widow has worn wedge heels that give her a serious height boost; though her costume has undergone a few light changes since then, her shoes remain the same. For a character as proficient in martial arts as Natasha Romanov, this choice doesn't make much sense, for medical reasons as much as any other.


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