Captain Marvel Soars Into New Marvel Comics Series

Captain Marvel #1

Ahead of her big-screen debut in March, Captain Marvel will take flight again in her own Marvel Comics series by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero.

Launching in January, the new title arrives on the heels of The Life of Captain Marvel, the five-issue miniseries that offers a new, "definitive" telling of Carol Danvers' backstory.

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According to The New York Times, the relaunched Captain Marvel brings the hero back to New York City following a stretch in space spent defending against extraterrestrial threats. Carol will reconnect with her best friend, Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman), and forge new relationships -- including, as Thompson teased, romance.

With so much attention focused on the Marvel Studios film, which marks the long-awaited introduction of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the new title brings with it added expectations.

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“You really want her to be accessible to new and younger audiences who are going to see the movie, fall in love and want to seek out other Captain Marvel stories,” Thompson told the Times. “But you really want to respect the fans who have loved the character for decades. I think there’s a razor’s edge there.”

Written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Carmen Carnero and colored by Tamra Bonvillain, the new Captain Marvel debuts in January from Marvel Comics.

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