Captain Marvel: The Many Costumed Identities of Carol Danvers

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters this week, the final Marvel Cinematic Universe film before Avengers: Endgame closes out the studio's Phase Three in April. Fans are excited to see Marvel's first female-led film, resulting for many in a feeling  akin to when Wonder Woman finally hit the big screen, or when Black Panther arrived last summer.

But while Wonder Woman has been a mainstay of DC's comics for the better part of a century, Carol Danvers has only been Captain Marvel for a comparatively short time. The character first appeared in 1968's Marvel Super-Heroes #13, but she didn't suit up as Captain Marvel until 2012. Danvers, like many comic book superheroes, has worn a number of costumes over the years under the guise of different heroic personas before she accepted her role as Captain Marvel. So while the MCU version will arrive fully formed and ready for battle, we're taking a look at the various costumed identities the comic book version went through before becoming one of Marvel's premiere heroes.

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Carol would probably say that the most important uniform she ever wore was that of major for the United States Air Force, the result of a long career with the military where she began as a pilot. Carol quickly rose to Air Force Intelligence, where she would first encounter characters like Ben Grimm, Logan and Nick Fury before their superheroic days,. She would later join NASA as Head of Security, where she met Dr. Walter Lawson, the disguised Kree Captain Mar-Vell.


When Carol was caught in an explosion of a machine called the Psyche-Magnitron, her hybrid Kree genes were activated and she gained similar powers to Mar-Vell. Initially, her transformation was caused by a split personality, separating Carol Danvers from the Kree warrior Ms. Marvel. Danvers would black out whenever Ms. Marvel would take control, leaving her unaware of her superhero alter ego. Eventually, her fractured mind was repaired and she moved forward, fully aware of her superheroic career.

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As Ms. Marvel rose in stature, she became a member of the Avengers, where she would eventually encounter the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and their new member, Rogue. The then-villain permanently absorbed Danvers powers and memories, putting Carol in a coma in the process. Following this traumatic event, Rogue would reform and  join the X-Men. She eventually found herself at war with Carol's personality, now locked inside Rogue's mind. Carol's personality would later be split from Rogue and destroyed, though she retained Carol's powers along with her own mutant abilities.


After Carol awoke and began to recover from her ordeal at the hands of Rogue, she spent time with the X-Men, seeking help from Professor Xavier in regaining her memories. This resulted in her joining the X-Men on a mission to space, where she was experimented on by the alien race known as the Brood. She soon discovered she was able to tap into the energies of a cosmic white hole and became the incredibly powerful cosmic being known as Binary. Carol decided to stay in space as a member of the Starjammers, at home in the stars.

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