Mary Jane Watson's Brief Time as Part of Carol Danvers' Supporting Cast

In the second issue, MJ looks Carol up again, and really, there almost seems to be a little flirtation here, right?

Carol tells MJ her basic life story, but once again needs to call things off to go fall asleep...

Conway then left the book as the main writer with that second issue.

Interestingly, there was a decent amount of blowback at Marvel over Conway's decision to essentially import Spider-Man's supporting cast to a new series. Some Marvel staffers thought that it was unfair to cannibalize one of the most popular titles like that. Honestly, though, there was a lot of blowback to Conway period during his Editor-in-Chief stint (and he was so annoyed by what he felt was an unfair reading of everything he did by the staffers there that he quit soon after and went back to work for DC for the next decade).

Chris Claremont came aboard for #3 and he quickly wrote Mary Jane out of the book. Conway plotted the issue, but the difference is likely that Conway didn't intend for this to be "Oh well, I guess they're not friends again" while that is precisely how Claremont plays it...

I don't know if Mary Jane and Carol interacted again for a few decades.

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