Mary Jane Watson's Brief Time as Part of Carol Danvers' Supporting Cast

This is "Looks Like I'm Moving," a feature that spotlights instances of comic book supporting cast members that migrate from one title to another one.

Today, we look at Mary Jane Watson's brief time as a supporting cast member of Carol Danvers' comic book.

I have a feature called If Her Hair Was Still Red, where I detail Mary Jane Watson's comic book history. It is fascinating to me how much she has evolved over the years. I'm now about 12 years into her history and obviously, as most Spider-Man fans would already be able to tell you, the biggest evolutionary leap for Mary Jane as a character came when Gerry Conway took over as the writer on Amazing Spider-Man from Stan Lee. Conway was a big fan of Mary Jane and not so much of a fan of Gwen Stacy, while Stan Lee was quite the opposite. Thus, during Conway's run, Gwen died and Mary Jane slowly but surely became Peter Parker's main love interest.

Conway was especially known for a few major moments in the life span of the Peter/Mary Jane relationship, moments that still resonate almost 50 years later. Stuff like Mary Jane refusing to leave Peter after he lashes out at her following Gwen's death and then, at the end of Conway's run, when Peter runs to Mary Jane when he realizes that it is she who he truly loves now (both of those scenes involve a door clicking shut. Classic stuff). Conway also delivered another one of the most iconic Peter/Mary Jane scenes in Amazing Spider-Man #143 (with Ross Andru, Dave Hunt and Frank Giacoia on art duties)

Peter and Robbie Robertson have to head to Paris to help J. Jonah Jameson, who is in trouble there. Mary Jane comes to the airport to say goodbye and wow, look at the master class of sequential storytelling by Ross Andru here, as Peter asks Mary Jane why she calls him "Tiger" and she basically says it is because he is so timid and then they kiss and she has to re-evaluate her feelings about Peter in a very good way...

Amazing, right?

So anyhow, suffice it to say that Gerry Conway and Mary Jane Watson will forever be intertwined with each other in comic book history. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that when Conway returned to Marvel in 1976 (after a brief stint at DC Comics as as writer and editor) to become Editor-in-Chief, he launched a new comic book called Ms. Marvel starring Carol Danvers and he made sure to put Mary Jane into the series (I wrote about this from Mary Jane's perspective in a If Her Hair Was Still Red here).

As an aide in launching the new series, Conway was paired with one of Marvel's most popular art teams, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

Conway brought Mary Jane over to be a supporting cast member of this new series, as she is impressed by Carol....

and sort of becomes her mentee, as MJ now apparently wants to become a photographer like Peter...

This friendship would be very brief, as it turned out...

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