Why Did Carol Danvers Miss Out on Captain Marvel's Funeral?

1986's Marvel Fanfare #24 tells a short story by Chris Claremont, David Ross and Bob Wiacek that is set after the X-Men and Carol Danvers returned to Earth in Uncanny X-Men #167 (which came out about a year after Mar-Vell died).

She meets the new Captain Marvel and Carol makes a joke about Monica using the name of Carol's friend, Mar-Vell, and she is then told that Mar-Vell is dead...

They explained that they tried to contact everyone he knew, but they couldn't find her. She freaks out...

She flies to his grave and notes that she can't even fully mourn because Rogue has stolen her personality, so this inspires Carol to leave Earth behind and join the Starjammers...


Even if you wanted to say that Carol somehow missed this major news that reverberated around the galaxy, then that meant that the X-Men just lied to her about it.

But even there, then that means that Wolverine lied to her about it but then took her to a place with a bunch of Mar-Vell's friends where his death was bound to eventually come up!

It's just a simple matter of Starlin not having her there when he probably should have. That's all it is. Which is fine. It's not some big deal. It just doesn't make sense in the context of the story.

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