Why Did Carol Danvers Miss Out on Captain Marvel's Funeral?

This is "How Can I Explain?", which is a feature spotlighting inexplicable comic book plots.

Today, we look at how Carol Danvers somehow missed out on Mar-Vell's funeral (heck, his death period).

Carol Danvers made her debut in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan and Paul Reinman), which was also the second appearance of Mar-Vell, the hero who soon became better known as Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell was stuck on Earth and so he adopted an Earth identity, that of scientist Dr. Walter Lawson, who worked at a secret government base that Carol Danvers was the head of security for...

So yes, having your major love interest also have to be bad enough at her job to not realize that her top secret government project has been infiltrated by an alien was a very narrow line to master, but whatever, it worked well enough.

When Jim Starlin took over writing duties on Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers had already pretty much been written out of the book as Roy Thomas and Gil Kane had revamped the book to become more of a buddy book with Mar-Vell and Rick Jones, who would switch places with each other by clanging together these powerful Nega Bands that Captain Marvel would wear into battle. Thomas and Kane gave Carol one final major story in Captain Marvel #18.

When Jim Starlin took over the book, he did not use Carol at all until RIGHT at the end of his run, when she made an appearance after being gone for 16 issues (and seeing as how the book had taken two separate two-year breaks and then was bi-monthly for the rest of that time, a 16 issue gap was not a short period of time).

Still, after appearing a few more times, Carol then turned out to have gained superpowers from that appearance in Captain Marvel #18. She then became a superhero in honor of Captain Marvel named Ms. Marvel...

Although it would be quite a while before she had a real team-up with her old friend...

Okay, so her book gets canceled and she gets written out of Marvel Comics period. Some time after that, Captain Marvel's book gets canceled, as well.

Then Marvel gets Jim Starlin to return to Captain Marvel to tell one final story featuring Mar-Vell to help launch their new graphic novel line. The first graphic novel was written and drawn by Starlin. It is a brilliant meditation on life and death. Starlin's own father was dying of cancer at the time and he really brought that feeling into the work beautifully.

Carol Danvers had been brought back to the Marvel Universe in Summer 1981's Avengers Annual #10. She then began staying with the X-Men in July of that year.

However, she is not in the Death of Captain Marvel at all.

Heck, Starlin erases her from Mar-Vell's early history entirely...

Later, we see that the news made a big deal out of Captain Marvel dying all through the galaxy (including Earth)...

Then we see pretty much EVERY SUPERHERO show up for his final days...

There's a great bit when Spider-Man really just can't deal with it all...

Finally, all of the superheroes are around him when he did. Especially his closest friend, Ghost Rider (Ant-Man couldn't even be bothered to be human sized for the occasion).

So yeah, it really didn't make sense that Carol wasn't there.

However, what probably made even less sense was when Chris Claremont then tried to explain WHY she wasn't there!

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