When Did Carol Danvers Develop a Drinking Problem?

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Adam F. asked me this on Twitter, and that's fine, but in general, it's easier if folks just e-mail me, because it took way too long to figure out that this question had been asked on Twitter. I mean, whatever, it's obviously not the end of the world or anything, but it's definitely easier for me if I have a record of who asked me the question like I do in my e-mail.

Anyhow, Adam asked in response to an article I did about Carol Danvers' time as the head of Woman Magazine for J. Jonah Jameson, "In those pages, Carol mentions her prospective Assistant Editor was a recovering alcoholic. When did Carol herself become an alcoholic? I've only ever read her recovery in the Avengers comics."

Okay, as I bet you're familiar with, after Carol Danvers' original series, Ms. Marvel, was canceled, the only title that she was appearing in was the Avengers, and since her membership in that title was almost assuredly designed to help sell her solo book, once there was no solo book to promote, then it wasn't like she was part of the plans that the Avengers' writer, David Michelinie, had for the series, so he wrote her off in Avengers #200 in a controversial tale that involved Carol marrying the son of Immortus and going off to live with him in literal Limbo. The problem was that Marcus (the aforementioned son of Immortus) had noted that he had used some machines to help get Carol to fall in love with him and the other Avengers heard that and thought, "Eh, who hasn't used machines to make someone fall in love with them, right?"

Well, fans thought that sounded really messed up and so Chris Claremont had Carol return from Limbo in Avengers Annual #10 (art by Michael Golden and Pablo Marcos) and she then lost all of her powers to Rogue of the (then) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Carol explained to the Avengers then what had happened and how disappointed she had been at them for allowing Marcus to take her to Limbo...

Okay, so Carol hung out with the X-Men while healing herself mentally and she was kidnapped along with the X-Men by the evil aliens known as the Brood. They experimented on her and this kicked in new powers. She became a cosmically powered hero known as Binary.

Well, years later, she was knocked down in a battle during Operation: Galactic Storm and was essentially stuck on Earth again. In Avengers #348 (by Bob Harras, Kirk Jarvinen and Tom Palmer - as an aside, there are pages later in this issue that look like Tom Palmer practically re-drew them. It's kind of nuts how much he made these issues fit with the overall look of the series), Crystal hangs out with the recovering Carol and Carol explains how messed up her life is...

So that's the basic set-up for why Carol might want to turn to something like alcohol to comfort her. When she actually DID it would be about five years later...

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