Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers Gets Her Very Own Batcave

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #9 by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Carol Danvers is currently in a bit of a tough spot. Her alien, half-Kree lineage was outed to the world, which sparked a public outcry for her to go back where she had come from. This also led to her being discharged from the military. And, to make matters worse and her powers are currently fading, just as a new mysterious female superhero named Star has swooped in to steal the spotlight.

As it stands, there aren't many places in the country where Captain Marvel is welcome. But luckily for Carol Danvers, she now has a place of her own where she can disappear from the public eye, kick back and figure out how everything in her life has unraveled so rapidly.

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In Captain Marvel #9, we learn that Carol has a secret, underground base of operations, that's essentially her own personal Batcave.

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In Captain Marvel #9, Carol discovers the source of her fading powers thanks to the help of Tony Stark. As it turns out, there is a mysterious device inside her, something that is both organic and technology at the same time. But while the Armored Avenger isn't sure what this device is, Carol has a hunch. Next, she goes back to her family home in Harpswell Sound, Maine with Spider-Woman in tow. And there, she reveals the existence of her very own base of operations.

Captain Marvel's cave is accessible thanks to a hatch that opens in a lake next to the house. The hatch leads straight down into the base, which looks a lot like Batman's famous underground cave. There's a hangar housing a jet plane, a training area, a display of Carol's previous costumes, and there's a giant computer screen with her logo that she can use to gather intel. She explains that this cave was recently built, and that Tony Stark helped out with its construction.

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Carol is keeping a Kree weapon there that was last seen in The Life of Captain Marvel, and it's how she can connect the dots between everything that's happening to her now. The existence of a base of operations for someone as powerful and as busy as Captain Marvel makes a lot of sense. Since she has jurisdiction over half the cosmos, a secret base where she can hide, prepare and investigate is something that is totally practical.

This makes Carol Danvers the latest Marvel superhero to get her very own lair. A few weeks ago, Captain America #12 revealed that Steve Rogers had his own 'Hall of Armors' which he used to keep all of his equipment. Now, Carol doesn't just have her little apartment to call home -- she has a base of operations fitting of her cosmic abilities.

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