The Captain Marvel Animated Series That Could've Been

In Marvel's long history, many characters have had planned TV adaptations that never went through due to one reason or another, like Ghost Rider and Night Thrasher. And apparently, the Female Fury herself, Captain Marvel, has joined those ranks, as the character almost had her own animated series.

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As revealed by animator Ben Bates, long before he had even heard of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, he had developed an animatic for a proposed Captain Marvel animated series, which he also wrote and hired voice actors for. However, despite Carol Danvers' more prominent role in modern times since taking up the Captain Marvel mantle, Marvel turned the series down. Luckily, Bates has uploaded the animatic to his YouTube channel for fans to see his work.

From the looks of the animatic, the show would have been fairly lighthearted, and taken more from Carol's early days as the original Ms. Marvel, as no one knows she and Captain Marvel are one and the same. The series would have also showcased an anime style, as depicted through the character designs, action, and Carol's transformation sequence. And based on her appearance in the animatic, it seems Spider-Woman would have been a recurring character in the series, and viewers do get hints of the larger Marvel Universe with image cameos from Turbo, Big Bertha, and Ultragirl.

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Hollywood is a strange and fickle place where some properties have better luck getting adaptations than others. But if next year's Captain Marvel movie does well, Marvel could revive the project to capitalize on the film's success -- you never know. After all, Daredevil had to wait four decades before he finally got a TV series, and if Matt Murdock can get a TV show, so can Carol Danvers. Luckily for fans, Carol will play a role in the upcoming Marvel Rising franchise, so that may whet their appetites for the time being.

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