"Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps" Takes Flight During "Secret Wars"

Fast Company has announced the latest title joining the ranks of Marvel's "Secret Wars" series -- "Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps." The latest volume featuring the adventures of Carol Danvers is co-written by longtime "Captain Marvel" scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick and upcoming "Jem and the Holograms" writer -- as well as CBR contributor -- Kelly Thompson and illustrated by current "Captain Marvel" artist David Lopez.

The new series will reposition Danvers as the leader of an elite, human and all-female fighter pilot squadron stationed at Hala field. In the Fast Company interview, DeConnick revealed that it's these human pilots that will "set about helping Carol try and answer a question about where she is from, and that puts them in conflict with some of the greater forces of the Marvel Universe."

Some of these pilots will be recognizable to longtime "Captain Marvel" readers as members of the Banshee Squadron -- with one major addition. "When I created the Banshees in the first go round, I did something really dumb," said DeConnick. "I considered having a black woman be part of the team, and then didn't because in the real-life air service pilots in World War II, the two black women that applied were turned down because of racism. And I thought, well then, I can't have black women here either. Even though at the same time I was breaking all sorts of other rules. For some reason I thought it was okay for them to fight giant robots, but having a black woman was too much of a stretch. It's embarrassing, so when we were talking about bringing these characters back, I had a chance to correct that."

The series' title will also be recognizable to longtime "Cap" fans, mostly because it contains the very name -- Carol Corps -- that they use to identify themselves as fans of Carol Danvers. "It's really meant to be a celebration of all of the women, and not even just women, all of the fans who flock towards Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers, who are really saluting her while they're reading about her at the same time," said "Captain Marvel" editor and Marvel's newly named director of content and character development Sana Amanat.

"Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps" will be released on June 10.

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