Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

Writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson introduce readers to Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers in the skies over Battleworld's Hala Field in the first scene of "Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps" #1. Joining Danvers is the Banshee Squadron, flying sleek jets that have large, apparently reconfigurable wings drawn and colored by David Lopez.

The Squadron, nicknamed "The Carol Corps," has five members, four of whom are introduced via flying maneuvers with Captain Marvel. Big Mack, Knock Knock, Pancho and Blaze take to the skies while Bee has boots on the ground, doing research and helping plot courses; Danvers oversees Banshee Squadron and reports up to Baroness Cochran.

No stranger to the adventures of Captain Marvel, Lopez shifts Danvers' Captain Marvel uniform, reimagining it with a futuristic appearance influenced by a 1960s sensibility: flared shoulders that come from a space age-looking collar, flared gloves and headgear that is equivalent to the under-helmet stockings of astronauts. The general theme and appearance, including the star on her chest, remains inline with what has been her status quo for a few years now, but Lopez clearly has some fun reimagining the outfit. Showing readers a masterful command of expressions and diversity among the Carol Corps, the issue is filled with gorgeous artwork from Lopez. Colorist Lee Loughridge limits the palette and effects, using tones to season the story and adjust the temperature, rather than allowing the color to dictate the adventure.

The star on Danvers' uniform factors into the tale and even comes into play once Danvers meets the Thor Corps' Hala Field representative. With that plot thread, Thompson and DeConnick appear to telegraph some conflict to come but, in this issue, the writing duo focuses on introducing readers to Danvers, her crew and the concepts at play in Hala Field. In addition to the drills that open the issue, DeConnick and Thompson provide a target for the Banshee Squadron and tuck a mystery into that scenario.

"Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps" #1 feels like an early Cold War tale, especially given Lopez's costume design for Danvers. Additionally, DeConnick and Thompson write a hierarchy that depends on obedience and trust, with Danvers enticed to follow orders throughout the issue. The unknown and the adventure of investigating it drive this story, much like the excitement of early Cold War dramas, where both sides seek to learn "what is out there." As readers learn in "Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps" #1, when all serve the will of god and master Victor Von Doom, treason becomes blasphemy and scientific inquiry becomes reason of suspicion. With the characters and the rules effectively established in this issue, DeConnick, Thompson and Lopez are ready to continue the adventure as they prepare readers to learn about the mysteries of Battleworld alongside Danvers.

Note: In an attempt for full transparency, Kelly Thompson is a current writer for CBR's "Comics Should Be Good" blog and a former CBR reviewer.

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