Captain Marvel #9

Kelly Sue DeConnick is joined by artist Filipe Andrade for an incredibly enjoyable and gorgeous issue of "Captain Marvel." If this issue is any indication Marvel may have found the exact "dream team" this book has needed all along.

DeConnick populates this issue with a colorful and believable cast of characters that make up the important people in Carol's life and it's effortlessly enjoyable. Everything gets packed into this issue in a way that both shows the reader an average day in Carol's very strange (but very fun) life, and yet manages to deliver the an emotional cliffhanger of an ending that makes Carol's day anything but average.

The art by Filipe Andrade is not going to be for everyone, but I found it incredibly refreshing and full of superhero pop. The style is drastic, exaggerated and full throttle -- a great fit for DeConnick's writing. Andrade gives Carol such expressive personality and enthusiasm, especially for fans of his highly stylized wildly unbridled work. There's an infectious kinetic energy to every page. Andrade knows exactly how to capture the tone of DeConnick's Carol -- she's at once kind and clever, sassy and bold, light and dark. It's lovely layered character work that shines in both the writing and the art.

I have liked a lot of what DeConnick has done with this series but I struggled with Dexter Soy as the artist. The fit just wasn't quite right. With Andrade, "Captain Marvel" is a whole other book. I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel felt his style was too extreme and not as mainstream as they want/need "Captain Marvel" to be, but for me, if this issue is any indication, he is a perfect fit. Andrade is as comfortable drawing a fantastic fight scene with giant dinosaurs in downtown Manhattan as he is sharing and intimate scene with Carol and her doctor. That's exactly the balancing act this book needs, as it highlights the balancing act that is Carol's life. Together, DeConnick and Andrade have made this book everything I've wanted it to be and I'd love to see them get the opportunity to keep it up.

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