Carol Danvers claimed the Captain Marvel title back in 2012, after the death of her predecessor, the Kree Mar Vell. Although the title upgrade was a great moment for Carol for a number of reasons -- among them the addition of Kelly Sue DeConnick to the creative team --

this run meant much more for the character than just a promotion.

For one thing, it meant pants. Although DeConnick is often credited with this change, the fan-favorite writer has regularly disclaimed the credit. It was evidently then-editor Steve Wacker who had the idea, and all but blindsided DeConnick with it in an email. "I can't tell if you're joking," she famously wrote back.

Since 2012, Captain Marvel's jumpsuit has become an important symbol of the evolution of female representation across superhero comics. More female heroes than ever before have benefited by the increased attention to their costuming, and more women are being drawn with costumes more equivalent with those of their male colleagues. We can only hope this trend will follow Captain Marvel into the MCU; at this point, the cinematic oversexualization of Carol would be a major letdown for the Carol Corps, no matter how good Brie Larson might look in a leotard.

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