Why Did Captain Mar-Vell Change His Costume?

In the future, I will explain just how Goodwin also abruptly abandoned the plots set up by Gary Friedrich in Friedrich's short run, but suffice it to say that Mar-Vell was fighting against some traitors to the Kree race and his old foe, Yon-Rogg, was one of them. Yon-Rogg, though, was still on Earth and Mar-Vell would not allow the Supreme Intelligence to simply destroy Earth. Instead, he got the Supreme Intelligence to let him go back to Earth to stop Yon-Rogg. The Supreme Intelligence agreed, but noting that Mar-Vell was clearly way too attached to Earth to ever rise in the Kree military, the Supreme Intelligence then locked Mar-Vell in as a captain and gave him a new costume to denote his now "not going to be any better than Captain" Captain Marvel look...

On the way to Earth, though, Captain Marvel was then trapped in the Negative Zone...

That, then, set up Thomas and Kane's run, as Mar-Vell now had his new costume AND was trapped in the Negative Zone. He would escape by getting Rick Jones to switch places with him...

So Goodwin, Heck and Shores set it all up!

Thanks for the question, Carlos!

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