Captain Ameridank: 15 Absolutely Hilarious Captain America Memes

Captain America is more than a man with a shield dressed in a flag costume stopping crime, he's a symbol for American values. Sometimes that can lead to the character being written in an extremely sharp manner as he criticizes the world around him, but sometimes he can come across as hoaky or as a man clinging onto the past. Both depictions of the character leave him open for mockery, and luckily fans of Captain America have made countless memes for the internet to enjoy. Everything from his relationship with Bucky to his squeaky clean image is fair game for people to laugh at.

In both the comics and the movies, Captain America is a super soldier who has no problem putting himself in harm's way to do the right thing. A volunteer in a scientific experiment that gave him increased strength and stamina, Steve Rogers is the ideal soldier both physically and emotionally. Even when things aren't going his way, Rogers' won't rest until his mission is a success and he knows things are the way they should be in the world. Forget about singing the "Star Spangled Banner", prove your patriotism by checking out these 15 hilarious Captain America memes!


Captain America may not have a problem with using guns or his fists to settle problems, but he sure is a stiffler for curse words. A child of the '40s, Steve Rogers is used to a more polite, genial society than the freewheelin' one people like Scott Lang live in. Both characters are heroes and worthy members of the Avengers, but they fundamentally disagree about what words they feel comfortable saying.

Since Captain America is a living legend and one of the founding members of the Avengers, it makes sense that his wishes for polite language win out when new members join the team. Unfortunately, no matter how much Rogers pleads, there's nothing he can do to clean up Tony Stark's pottymouth, especially after he's had a few drinks in him.


In 2014, the ALS Ice-Bucket challenge went viral online. Everyone from President George Bush to Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, participated in the challenge to raise awareness about the muscular degenerative disease. People stand in front of a camera to talk about the disease for a few minutes and challenge other people to do the challenge. After all that setup, the individuals are then doused with a bucket of ice and cold water and appear uncomfortable for a few moments.

Captain America, on the other hand, was frozen for nearly 70 years and didn't shiver nearly as much when he was thawed from his icy tomb as many of these ALS Ice Bucket competitors. Too bad Captain America didn't use his experience returning to the Marvel Universe as an opportunity to raise awareness around a disease because he could have achieved a lot of good that way.


Since Steve Rogers grew up in the '40s, it makes sense that he holds onto some old ways of thinking. The world has changed so much around him, but he can still tell people to watch their language and have faith in his religion.

Before The Avengers, it makes sense that Rogers would believe that there is only one god because he hasn't had any experiences to disprove his beliefs. He's an extremely rational guy who has no problem letting facts and proof guide his beliefs. Despite that, even after Captain America meets Thor, the literal God of Thunder, and takes a lot of damage fighting Loki, the God of Mischief, he still states his belief that there is only one god. Apparently, nothing can shake Rogers' faith.


Steve Rogers is the ideal Captain America for numerous reasons. Not only is he a super soldier who has fought for his country on multiple occasions, but he is also the ultimate symbol for what his country represents. Captain America fights to defend those who can't protect themselves because he believes in service to his country. He has no problem standing up against his own government when he thinks they are doing things that put people's liberties in jeopardy and is willing to put his own title on the line to make a point.

Infinity War will likely see the character pick up his Nomad title, but he will still remain deeply committed to defending his home. It's pretty safe to say that in a world full of patriotic characters, nobody 'muricas quite as hard as Steve Rogers.


Steve Rogers isn't the only person to don the mantle of Captain America in the comics. After the success of Rogers' transformation due to the Super Soldier serum, the government continued their tests and ultimately a man named Isaiah Bradley became a new Captain America.

In recent years, both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have taken over as Captain America. After Rogers was murdered, Barnes assumed the role and joined the New Avengers as a gun-touting version of the character. Even more recently, Wilson took up the Captain America name and kept his falcon wings to be an even more versatile version of the character. With rumors pointing to Captain America being killed off in one of the upcoming Avengers movies, either one of these characters could end up picking up the shield and taking over as the leader of the Avengers.


Before Steve Rogers signed on to the Super Soldier experiment, he was essentially a wimp who couldn't defend himself. He was a brave individual, willing to sacrifice himself for others, but he needed to bulk up in order to survive the harsh realities of World War II.

When gamers play campaign modes, more often than not they are being guided to the end of a mission. Short of getting shot or falling off the map, there's not much they can do to mess up reaching their objective. More often than not, this results in players thinking they are more skilled at the game than they really are. When casual gamers log-in to multiplayer mode they quickly realize there's a sharper learning curve and much more information to process in order to survive.


After being a part of the Super Soldier experiments, Steve Rogers went from a shrimpy kid into a smoking hot adult. His non-existent muscles now pop off his body and even when he's dirty and sweaty he somehow still looks good! The leader of the Avengers has been shipped with everyone from Black Widow to the Winter Soldier by the fan community because they think he would make a hot couple with just about everyone.

One would think that being frozen in ice for 70 years would have a negative effect on their skin, but Captain America woke up with his skin glistening. Instead of looking like a piece of freezer burnt meat for the rest of his life, Captain America thawed out and somehow retained his perfect hair and pearly white teeth in the process.


This list has already mentioned the fact that Steve Rogers isn't the only person to identify as Captain America in the Marvel Universe, but that didn't include everyone who's stolen the shield from him. While holding the shield doesn't make someone Captain America, it's a clear indication that they are a strong warrior and capable of throwing Rogers off his game.

In Civil War, Spider-Man made his introduction by swinging into battle and immediately swooping Cap's shield, forcing him to participate in the airport fight without his primary weapon. Spider-Man isn't the only person in the Cinematic Universe to temporary prove his dominance over Cap, even the Winter Soldier, Cap's former partner, has been able to steal the shield in the middle of a fight.


Captain America may have had a girlfriend in the past, but there's no one he loves more than Bucky Barnes. Even after learning that Barnes has been serving as a brainwashed assassin and murdering important people for decades, Steve Rogers is still dedicated to saving his former friend. In fact, a big part of the conflict in Civil War arises from the fact that Rogers wants to defend his old friend while Tony Stark wants to punish him for all of his crimes.

Near the end of the movie, Barnes and Rogers even team up to take down a power-mad Stark in a conflict that results in Captain America ditching his shield and leaving the Avengers. With all that said, imagine his surprise when he saw this picture of his best friend and new rival kissing on the internet!


There are few things more American than apple pie, baseball and Captain America punching Hitler in the face. When the character was first created, he was introduced as a symbol of the American spirit and perseverance during World War II. A super soldier, Steve Rogers could fight longer and harder than the rest and would serve as an inspiration for his fellow soldiers in the battle against evil.

While violence is never the best way to settle an argument, Captain America has no problem taking down supervillains, and that's exactly what Hitler was. Similar to villains in modern comics and movies, Hitler's plans included killing multiple people and trying to take establish a new German-led world order. Next July fourth, make sure you take a look at this picture in-between hot dogs.


Captain America may be a superhero, but he's still a man with certain desires. In the comics, he's had multiple girlfriends and in the cinematic universe it's clear he still has deep feelings for Sharon Carter, a relative of his secret agent girlfriend from the '40s. Regardless of those relationships, sometimes even the most virtuous of heroes sneak peaks at people during inappropriate moments.

Fortunately, if this actually happened to Captain America he could say he was looking for Ant-Man or another hero who's shrunk to microscopic size, but Chris Evans can't use the excuse on the red carpet while oogling co-star Elizabeth Olsen. Sure, Evans can say he was just caught yawning while looking down, but it sure does look like he's excited to about something.


Captain America and Bucky Barnes have been friends for a long time, so that gives them the right to make fun of the other every once in a while. After Steve Rogers was found and rescued from his icy slumber, he originally believed that Bucky was either dead or still locked away in the ice. It turns out that he was actually found by spies and transformed into a covert killing machine called The Winter Soldier.

Due to the intense brainwashing, not all of Barnes memories were intact, and he originally has trouble remembering who Steve is. Luckily, that doesn't stop Captain America from giving up on his old friend. No matter how bad Barnes' memory is, there's just something about Mrs. Rogers nobody could forget.


Steve Rogers knows better than most that people are never done growing. Not only does he constantly learn new things that make him change his perspective on issues, but he also underwent radical surgeries to give him a muscular boost. In Infinity War, Rogers will be forced to fight without his signature shield and the title of Captain America for the first time in 70 years, and he will have to push himself in order to continue growing during this new chapter in his life.

Even without surgical enhancements, if you look at someone at the beginning and end of both high school and college you will notice some insane body changes. A lot of people gain weight their freshman year of college, famously known as the "Freshman 15", while others make the gym a part of their routine and bulk up to Captain America proportions.


Over the last few years, Marvel Comics has put out a lot of event series centered around different groups of superheroes fighting each other. While the 2012 Avengers Vs. X-Men series ultimately became a story about the Phoenix and trying to contain that power, it started out with a lot of fights between various Avengers and X-Men members.

When Captain America is set on an idea, nothing can change his mind. At this point in the comic, he approaches Cyclops and tells her to turn over Hope Summers because he believes the Phoenix Force is targeting her and that the Avengers can protect her better than anyone else. Both Cap and Cyclops are extremely headstrong characters, so it doesn't matter what either one of them said in the moment because there was no way both of them were going to leave that confrontation happy.


Instead of being born with mutant abilities or naturally inheriting them later in his life, Steve Rogers volunteered for dangerous experiments in order to gain his abilities. After the treatment, Rogers had the strength and endurance to become the ultimate weapon for the Americans during World War II. Whereas Rogers was too small to be sent to the frontlines before the operation, now he was in the perfect physical condition to have an impact on the battlefield.

Ironically, the squeaky clean Captain America essentially took steroids to gain his abilities. The hero who calls people out for their foul language and has likely never done any drugs in his life, wouldn't be able to pass a drug test if he was in a sports league.

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