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Captain America/Iron Man Legends Revealed!

by  in Comic News Comment
Captain America/Iron Man Legends Revealed!

In honor of Captain America and Iron Man’s new movie, Captain America: Civil War, opening this weekend in the United States, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that have featured either Captain America or Iron Man over the years!

Check them all out below!

Did the mini-series Truth: Red, White and Black cause Marvel to decide not to make Ultimate Captain America black?

Did Iron Man make an oddly sexual proposition to Captain America in 1970s comic?

Did Marvel launch a Captain America series in response to 9/11?

Did an offhand comment by Stan Lee lead to Iron Man getting a nose on his armor?

Did Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes used to appear as Captain America at conventions early in his career?

Did Stan Lee really write the lyrics to the theme song to the Captain America animated series (“When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”)?

Was Dave Cockrum’s resignation letter printed in an issue of Iron Man?

Did New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia offer police protection to Jack Kirby and Joe Simon over death threats they received over Captain America?

Did Mark Waid come up with a solution for Bucky’s secret identity (explaining how his real nickname was also his superhero name) that he never got a chance to use?

How did MySpace lead to Adi Granov working on the Iron Man film?

Was there nearly a Captain America animated series during the 1990s that was set during World War II that was squelched because Marvel refused to remove references to Nazis?

Did Marvel not get paid ANYthing for their first Captain America film?

Who really designed War Machine’s armor?

Did J.M. DeMatteis plan on killing off Captain America during his run on the title?

Was O.M.A.C. based on a “Captain America in the future” concept?

Why was Iron Man different in the Brazillian version of Born Again?

Was Captain America and Scarlet Witch’s ill-fated romance originally supposed to be part of Avengers Disassembled?

Did John Byrne and Roger Stern plan on bringing Bucky back during their Captain America run?

Was James Rhodes originally supposed to die at the end of his first tenure as Iron Man?

Was Stan Lee the first writer to have Captain America throw his shield?

Did Captain America and Falcon’s series originally intend to lead to a Falcon ongoing series?

Was She-Hulk edited into a comic fighting Iron Man in place of Ms. Marvel?

Did the Comics Code cause a change to Captain America’s origin?

Was the famed round shield of Captain America caused by another comic book company forcing Marvel to change the original shape of Cap’s shield?

What weird solution did ToyBiz come up with for an unused line of Iron man toys?

Was there a Captain America musical on Broadway?

Did renowned artist Joe Jusko pose as Captain America on a comic book cover?

Did Mark Waid take his name off an issue of Captain America because editorial changed the story after Waid’s script was approved?

Was a rejected Captain America Heroes Reborn storyline later used as a Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover?

Was Wolverine being old enough to fight during World War II nearly revealed in an issue of Captain America rather than X-Men?

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