15 Hilarious Captain America And Winter Soldier Memes

It's not every day that we find best friends like Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. While the multiverses are full of childhood friends and brothers-in-arms, there are few that have stood the test of time like Captain America and the Winter Soldier. There are even fewer BFFs who've dealt with cryogenic stasis, human experimentation, prosthetic limbs, death, brainwashing, aliens and international affairs. Some of the highlights of their friendship include Bucky sacrificing himself (so they thought) to save Steve, and Steve causing an all-out civil war between Earth's Mightiest Heroes to prove that Bucky didn't bomb the UN.

At their everyday MCU status, Cap and Bucky are the best of friends, often kept apart by circumstances. At their fanmade best, they are the super-soldier ship known as Stucky, Winter Shield, and quite a few other names. Either way, there's no denying that those two would do anything for each other. When we last left Steve and Bucky, Bucky was frozen yet again, waiting for a cure for his mental conditioning. However, we know from the Infinity War trailer that he'll soon be up and fighting alongside his friend again. So to celebrate, we've found 15 amazing memes featuring these super-soldiers BFFs.

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Look how worried poor Bucky is in this meme! We can't really blame him though. He leaves his friend to go fight in a war, and just look what the little guy's been up to while he was away! Steve volunteered for human experimentation, started jumping out of aircraft without a parachute, broke a bunch of laws, started a civil war, and got in trouble with like 117 governments. Who wouldn't be worried?

And we haven't even mentioned the company he's been keeping: playboys, assassins, monsters and aliens...seriously, you leave a guy for just a couple months (and then a couple decades), and all this happens? Hopefully, Bucky learned his lesson and won't leave his Steve alone in the future. Just think what might happen next!


Bucky had to endure unimaginable horrors as the Winter Soldier. The pain of the mental conditioning would have been excruciating by itself, let alone having to live with the memories of what he was forced to due. It's not surprising that he doesn't smile much anymore, although there still a few things that can make him grin, such as Sam Wilson tripping.

Now we can't say for certain, but from the look on Bucky's face, this little "accident" was probably the handiwork of a certain super-soldier with a metal arm (seriously, he has guilty written all over his face). At least all those years under Hydra's influence didn't completely take away his sense of humor. Is Cap going to let him get away with this though?


In Civil War's airport fight scene, Captain America and Bucky really want to get to the hanger. Whatever is in there clearly had significant value, as they were both perfectly fine with leaving the rest of their team to be captured so they could make it to that hanger (and so was the rest of their team).

In the movie, it looks like they are trying to escape the battle, although we finally see the truth in this meme: there was a Pikachu in the hanger, and Cap and Bucky must not have had any yet. And for real, what good is winning a civil war if you can't catch 'em all? Luckily for Cap and Bucky, their team held the other Avengers off while they caught their Pikachu.


Cap is an all or nothing kind of guy. He won't do anything half-way, and once he's set his mind to something there isn't anything on earth (or the multiverse) that can stop him. As a patriotic superhero, he's also been known to take actions that attract a lot of notice. So what happens when he wants to hive five his best friend? We end up with hysterical memes like this.

Check out how badly he wants this high five though. His expression goes from seriously intent to outright desperate, and his arms are literally flailing while he tries to make this happen. Come on, Bucky, just give the guy a high five already. He's worked far too hard at this point to stop short, and you know he could do this all day.


Now that he's not a brainwashed assassin 24/7, what is Bucky supposed to do with himself? He's not with Hydra and he doesn't have a steady job, so what will he do with his spare time? So far, the best he's been able to come up with is being sad, which doesn't count as far as Cap is concerned.

Granted, Steve needs a hobby just as much as Bucky now that he's not with the Avengers, although that doesn't solve Bucky's problem. Maybe they can catch up on pop culture and should binge-watch every tv show ever, or start super-soldier lifestyle blogs. If not, they can always get into Pokemon Go -- just think what cool types of Pokemon must be in Wakanda.


Steve's done a lot for Bucky over the decades. He defied orders and attacked a military complex to save Bucky from Hydra. When he found out Bucky was the Winter Soldier, he tried to help his friend remember who he was while S.H.I.E.L.D. literally went down in flames. When James was framed for bombing the UN, Steve let his team split into factions while he tried to clear his friend's name (and became a wanted criminal in the process).

Cap is just about the most loyal and obsessive best friend ever, so how will he top becoming a fugitive and destroying the other relationships in his life? On an Infinity War scale of grandeur, destroying everyone else in existence may be the only choice. This meme certainly thinks so!


Regardless of your feelings toward Disney's Frozen, this meme is all kinds of awesome. Apparently, there is a universe where the Avengers are Disney Princesses. Seriously, who else is excited about this? We shouldn't be too surprised though, as Cap and Bucky basically have an Ana/Elsa thing going on already: they're practically brothers and Bucky withdrew from society because his powers could be dangerous.

Poor Steve just wants his best friend back and won't listen when Bucky says that everyone is safer if he stays away. Bucky's even the Winter Soldier -- how perfect is that? Of course, there's one big difference between the two pairs, as the cold probably did bother Bucky anyway. Being frozen in ice a couple of times will do that to a person.


We're not sure which is better: the fact that "Not Bucky" is sending Steve a fill-in-the-blank apology note for almost killing him, or the way the note was filled in. There's only so much that applies when the encounter involves brainwashing, so we end up with the amazing explanation that "I was merely trying to complete the mission, though I can see now that it may appear I was murdering you."

As there wasn't an excuse box labeled "Brainwashed by Hydra," the closest excuses were "It is a habit" and "my evil twin did it." Even with the sad sections about "Not Bucky" never seeing Steve again, this is quite possibly the best apology note ever written. Kudos to anyone who can find a better one!


We all like to think our BFFs and significant others would do anything for us, but there's no doubt that Cap and Bucky are with each other 'till the end of the line. The pair's most recent public display of affection in the MCU was Cap's breach of the Sokovia Accords (and some national and international laws as well), which incurred the wrath of 117 nations.

That's true devotion right there, and isn't that what we all want in a friend or significant other? Sure, breaking international laws for someone is a little obsessive, but it's also really sweet and gives you a great excuse to travel. So if your special someone isn't willing to mess with over 100 nations for you, go find someone who will, like Cap.


As we all know, James Buchanan"Bucky" Barnes has been through some real serious life-altering (and mind-altering) things in his life. We can sort of understand that he has little to no human emotions or feelings towards anything after seeing the things he's seen and his cybernetic arm just pushes that fact that he's slowly becoming more machine than man.

So when everything goes sideways near the end of Civil War and Captain America, Bucky and Iron Man all find out the truth about what happened to Tony's parents, it's understandable that everyone, especially Iron Man, is a little emotional. While Tony sheds a few tears for his murdered parents, Bucky can barely muster a reaction and this meme perfectly encapsulates just how far he's come from humanity.


What happens when you add Bucky to the running scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? You get this awesome meme. Now poor Sam has to deal with "on you're left" AND "on you're right" at the same time. Not quite what you'd call ideal workout conditions.

Best friends are just obnoxious sometimes. We haven't seen too much of this with Cap and Bucky in the MCU, but as shown in this meme, there is plenty of potential for it. Bucky's also been brainwashed for half of his screentime, so we haven't had too much of an opportunity for it yet either. It looks like he'll be back in action for Infinity War though, so maybe we'll see a little more of this WWII solidarity then?


Snickers has accomplished some amazing feats in the past, but it may have met its match with the Winter Soldier. Usually, when some diva, whiner or destructive force threatens the universe all it takes is one Snickers Bar. This typically turns the combatant back into whatever celebrity they were before hunger turned them into a mindless monster.

As we see in this amazing meme though, Snickers Bars were not created with brainwashed super-soldiers in mind. In addition to not having the desired effect, the side-effects appear to be a little... strange. Maybe all Bucky needs is another Snickers to change him back, or perhaps he needs about 3 more to compensate for his super-soldier metabolism? Either way, let's hope he has that many on him.


One of the perks of spending time with your best friend is that you can be 100% yourself. Take a look at Steve. He might be the serious, awe-inspiring Captain America when he's around the Avengers or a group of people, but when it's just him and his bestie, he's an entirely different person. Take away the crowd and he is completely comfortable making Spider-Man level puns about his friend's prosthetic arm.

For real, they're 5 minutes away from an attack, and all Cap says is "Arm yourself?" Talk about being comfortable with someone. Of course, as we see in this meme, your best friend will also tell you if your pun is ill-timed, distasteful, or just too ridiculous for words. What are friends for, right?


We don't know how much Bucky remembers about his pre-Winter Soldier life. At the very least, he remembers the important things: Steve, Steve's mom, and the people he was forced to kill. However, it didn't take him long to a remember a very specific instance where Steve got the meaning of fondue hilariously wrong.

Bucky's done a lot as Steve's friend: he's defended him from bullies, fought side by side with him, and was even prepared to die for him. Will he let Steve forget an embarrassing moment? Not a chance. As we see in this awesome meme, there are some things you just can't live down -- not after 70 years, not when you're best friend is the only other person who remembers, and not even when that friend's been brainwashed.


The Flash from the Arrowverse has caused quite a bit of grief with his time traveling in the past few seasons of The Flash. Since he's messed with his timeline people have died, others suddenly existed, and still others now have altered histories (and superpowers). At first, it looked like the damage stayed within the Arrowverse, but this is no longer the case.

According to this meme, no multiverse is safe anymore -- not even the MCU. One timeline alteration too many, and now we have Bucky Barnes as Captain America and Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier. Sure, we all want to see Sebastian Stan become Captain America at some point, but only after Infinity War. So stop it, Barry. You can mess with the timeline when Thanos is gone.

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