Captain America, Watchmen, Stardust, Transformers: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Marvel's Kevin Feige was a Chatty Cathy talking to Superhero Hype about Marvel's plans to get Steve Rogers on screen sooner rather than later. "I have a writer on 'Captain America' right now, hoping to get a director on that very soon to get that into the pipeline within the next year. Same thing with 'Thor,'" said Feige. "Mark Protosevich has delivered a 'Thor' script, David Self is writing 'Captain America.' We'll have to play with Captain America as being a patriotic propaganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers interesting fascinating hero in his own right." The film would be set both during the second World War and in the modern day. Feige also noted we'd see "Wolverine" before "Magneto," "Punisher 2" is indeed under way, there's no talk about "Ghost RIder 2," a script revision is forthcoming for "Sub-Mariner," and that Zak Penn is writing "The Avengers."


Actor John Cusack told MTV that he wants to join Jude Law, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Wilson in the adaptation of Alan Moore's superhero deconstruction. "I actually love the comic," Cusack said. "Maybe this is how people get jobs in the modern world. Like, I come on MTV and then he'll see it and give it to me ... I haven't read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. I thought that was a really, really cool comic. I'm into it. But, you know, we have to talk to Zack's representatives."


CBR's own Jonah Weiland talked to creator Neil Gaiman about the big screen adaptation.


Reader Dan Browell wrote in to point out the website for the band Mute Math, who recorded the theme for the Michael Bay-helmed movie and posted it on their MySpace.

Speaking of Bay, he was the subject of a round table interview captured in part by IGN about his approach to the film. "It's not a movie about the toys -- I could care less about the toys. It was about taking a franchise -- a superhero franchise and putting it on a big screen. So I wanted the older Transformer that's 40, 35, 25 to like it as much as a younger kid. It's a little bit more violent, it's a little bit more scary than you would normally see. I wanted to go to that older film that my parents took me to on Sundays -- that's what I was trying to do."

Meanwhile, a new video clip was shown on "The Tonight Show," so it invariably ended up on YouTube ...

... or did you catch the new TV ad that aired during the NBA finals, which ended up in the same place ...


The Los Angeles Times (registration required) has a note about discussions for Norrin Radd getting a spin off even before his big screen debut. "Feeling bullish on the eve of the release of its 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,' Fox has already put a feature spinoff into development that will star the enigmatic Surfer, with J. Michael Straczynski currently crafting the screenplay."

Meanwhile, actor Chris Evans is quoted at Sci Fi Wire discussing character development. "I think Johnny just didn't really have many redeeming qualities in the first film," Evans said. "I think there wasn't much maturity or depth. And I think they gave him a good opportunity to explore [more here]. They helped him grow. There's this doomsday element that kind of acts as a catalyst for him to analyze his own relationships in his life and question whether or not it's been fulfilling and whether or not his connections with people in his family or the people he keeps on the side, his gaggle of women, ... are any of those connections meaningful? And I think he's forced to evolve."


A blog has some set photos from what could be Bruce Wayne's digs, while Superhero Hype claims that the filming has moved to the south loop.


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