Captain America Battles Giant-Man in Civil War Concept Art


In last year's Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) were on the same side during the Avengers' internal conflict. In fact, upon meeting him for the first time, Ant-Man was fanboying over Cap, taking an opportunity to touch him and stammering over his own words.

That wasn't the case when the film was in the early stages of production, however, as this concept art of the two fighting after Ant-Man's transformation into Giant Man shows us.

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The peek behind the curtains comes to us courtesy of Andy Park, a Marvel Studios concept artist currently working on both Ant-Man & the Wasp and Captain Marvel. As Park explains, an early draft of the script had Ant-Man on Iron Man's side during the big airport battle in the film's second act. It's unclear if someone who was on Team Iron in the film was Team Cap in those drafts as well, and they just switched because it made more logical sense, but whatever the full makeup of the sides, Cap and Ant-Man would've gone toe to toe after the latter had transformed himself into Giant Man, with Cap clearly being the victor in that scenario.

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