Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Walking Dead, Man of Steel: September 17th Comic Reel


Chris Evans spoke with HitFix about the cut "Man out of Time" scene from "The Avengers" and why it's more appropriate for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

"It was a good piece of the movie, but I think it didn't make it because that's for 'Captain America 2,'" Evans told HitFix. "I think when you cut the whole movie together I think Joss said, 'That's a different story. That's Cap's story.' So, I guess it's nice that it came out that it shows a little bit richer character for Cap, but by the same token a lot of that stuff that's for another movie. So, hopefully we can kind of still tell that story in a different way for 'Cap 2.'"

Meanwhile, Newsday spoke with Anthony Mackie about his role as the Falcon in the upcoming sequel.

"I'm playing the Falcon. He's this guy in Harlem who moved to California and became a drug dealer," Mackie told Newsday. "His plane crashed, and he was genetically altered, and he can fly, has telepathic powers. He's the first African-American superhero. It makes me feel all the work I've done has been paying off. I have a son, nephews and nieces, and I love the idea that they can dress up as the Falcon on Halloween. They now have someone they can idolize. That's a huge honor for me."

Opens April 4, 2014


The Huffington Post has revealed a number of character portraits for season three of "The Walking Dead" including old favorites and newcomers Michonne and the Governor.

Premieres October 14 on AMC


Nuke the Fridge has some minor coverage of Stan Lee's Comicaze Expo panel where he teased his cameo in "Thor: The Dark World."

"You've never seen anything like it, neither have I," Lee said. "Don't miss it!"

Comic Book Movie has posted new set photos from the "Thor" sequel featuring a closer look at some of the supernatural beings showcased in the film.

Opens November 8, 2013


According to DC Comics' The Source blog, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns will write the seventh episode of "Arrow" titled "Muse on Fire."

"I'm thrilled to be writing this episode of 'Arrow,' and while I can't give too much away, I think comic fans are going to like what we have in store for them -- keep an eye out for the Huntress," Johns told The Source.

This won't be the first time Johns has written for a DC television show -- among others, the CCO wrote the JSA-centric episode of "Smallville."

Zap2It has revealed Kyle Schmid will play Ace in an upcoming episode of the show, which means the Royal Flush Gang are set to appear. According to Zap2It, sources say the gang will put together a major bank robbery with a crowd of hostages, eventually exiting the building clad in playing card masks.

Premieres October 10 on the CW


Amy Adams spoke with USA Today about her casting in the role and the reimagining of the character from Margot Kidder's portrayal in "Superman."

"This was a new idea, down to the hair color," Adams told USA Today. "I knew people would want to talk about my hair color. It was going to be a thing. (Director) Zack (Snyder) told me he didn't hire me to play someone else. He hired me to play Lois Lane. It's a whole reimagining."

Adams went on to express her admiration of Margot Kidder's portrayal of the role. "I grew up really loving (her). I wasn't trying to be her, but I hope I do enough of a good job to have the same effect on young girls as Lois Lane had on me," she said. "I really loved seeing a woman represented as a modern woman in a superhero movie, and not even glamorized, really -- she was kind of a troublemaker. She wasn't a typical heroine. I identified with her from a very young age."

Opens June 14, 2013


The Chloe Moretz Facebook fan page has posted "Kick-Ass 2" behind-the-scenes photos of the actress in Hit-Girl gear on her new motorcycle. Check out the photo below, then click through for the whole gallery.

Opens June 28, 2013


A few fun images from the "Robocop" reboot have surfaced, including this new licensing banner posted by Cine1.

Also, ComingSoon.net has revealed a look at Joel Kinnaman in the redesigned Robocop suit.

Opens August 9, 2013


USA Today has posted a slideshow of new stills from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Opens December 14

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