"Captain America: Steve Rogers" Kneels Before the Red Skull in New Preview

If you were hoping for a quick resolution for Captain America's newly-revealed Hydra loyalties, we've got some bad news for you -- writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz's story is just getting started.

A new preview for "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #3 (via 13thDimension) illustrates just how deep the recently-reborn hero's allegiances to the terrorist organization, and it's supreme leader, lie. Or, rather, how deeply Rogers' knee bends.

The preview's final page not only depicts the unmasked Avenger sporting a Hydra logo across his chest, he's also seen kneeling before a hologram of the man who was once his greatest enemy, the Red Skull.

Of course, while this turn has been touted by Marvel Comics as Cap's "real" past, the fact is, Steve Rogers is a victim of reality being re-written by a near-omnipotent entity. When Cap was transformed from his geriatric form to his current, youthful self by the living Cosmic Cube fragment known as Kobik, more than just his body changed. Kobik, under the direction of the Skull, literally re-wrote history in such a way that Rogers' has been a Hydra sleeper agent since he was a young child. At this point, none of Cap's friends or allies appear to know the truth, so the question remains, what will happen once they find out, and how will they make things right?

To see the entire preview for "Captain America: Steve Rogers" #3, visit 13thDimension. The issue arrives in stores Wednesday, July 27.

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