Did Stan Lee Once Credit Martin Goodman For Creating Captain America?

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Stan Lee credited Martin Goodman for the creation of Captain America in 1947.



In the late 1940s, Stan Lee had returned from war to become the Editor-in-Chief of Timely Comics again. However, Lee, then in his mid-20s, was interested in seeing if he could succeed beyond comic books. After all, the reason he had chosen the name "Stan Lee" for his comic book work is because he planned to use his birth name, Stanley Lieber, for his other writing. While he was hoping to do that other work, though, he naturally kept up with his position at Timely, which was still a very nice gig. Comic book sales had gone down at the end of the decade, but they were still pretty strong overall and Timely was doing fine.

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Lee got a little bit of attention from an article he wrote for the Writer's Digest about "There is Money in Comics!" He expanded that article into a short book called "Secrets Behind The Comics" in late 1947.

The book is a fun read, in general, but there are some sketchy parts of the book. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Stan Lee had not taken credit for the creation of Captain America in his writings in Origin of Marvel Comics. That's true, but reader Mark G. wrote in to note that Lee, while not taking credit for HIMSELF, did give the credit for Captain America to Lee's boss, Martin Goodman, in Secrets Behind Comics.

And sure enough, Lee did a nice bit of "sucking up to the boss" as he reveals the "secret" behind the creation of Captain America...


Obviously, you can easily understand this from the perspective of pleasing his boss, but boy, that's certainly something, huh?

Thanks for the suggestion, Mark!

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