Signed Captain America Shield Auction Raises $53,000 For Charity

Captain America: Civil War shield

Wielding Captain America's mighty shield certainly doesn't come cheap. In fact, in some instances, it can come at the cost of $53,000. Thankfully, though, the money all went to a great cause.

"I spent a lot of time this past summer hanging out with a bunch of superheroes," Ant-Man/Scott Lang actor Paul Rudd said at the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend auction this past weekend while auctioning off a signed replica of Chris Evans' Cap shield. "This is real vibranium. I'm pretty sure it's the only vibranium item we're offering tonight. ... It feels cool just to be holding it, I gotta be honest with you."

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The shield, provided by Marvel Entertainment, featured signatures from Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth, as well as the cast of Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy. When all was said and done, the item sold for a cool $53,000, which contributed towards the whopping $2,099,787 raised for Children's Mercy Hospital.

Rudd's next stint as the pint-sized hero will be in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Directed by Peyton Reed, the film also stars Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Judy Greer, David Dastmalchian, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne, Hannah John-Kamen, Randall Park and Walton Goggins. The film arrives in theaters on July 6.

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