Captain America, Red, Smallville: June 13th Comic Reel


The big rumor of the day is from Latino Review, claiming they know who Marvel wants to sling the shield -- Leonardo DiCaprio. "Now before some loser film website goes out there and tries to debunk me let's get it straight," the site said. "Don't expect Marvel to go on the record and say 'Yes it's true, we are looking at so and so.' Hollywood doesn't work like that. Studios and production companies only go on the record to announce the casting of a role when it's official. I announced the lead in the upcoming 'Prince of Persia.' It took the trades weeks later to make it official. That being said ... NO OFFERS HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY MADE! NOBODY HAS BEEN CAST YET! DICAPRIO IS PROBABLY CLUELESS AT THIS POINT!" Right then.


According to TV Guide, the news on Erica Durance's character, "she'll do 13 or so episodes -- though there is a slight chance we may eke out an extra one or two."


Creator Warren Ellis made a post on his website talking about the sale of his Cully Hamner collaboration. "'RED' is more of a graphic novella, a short and tight book, and a novella doesn't fill out a film's running time all on its own," Ellis said. "This is an adaptation, not a direct transfer/translation from page to print. What the screenwriters will do is take the core concept of 'RED' -- a troubled old man still having nightmares of his role as his government's monster suffering an attempted murder at the remote hands of a terrified political appointee, and bringing the world of covert assassination back to the agency who wanted to drop him and his body down an Orwellian memory-hole -- and expand upon it. The book is, if you like, a folded shape that can unpack into a film."


Speaking of red things, Superhero Hype has an exclusive interview with actors Doug Jones, Luke Goss and Ron Perlman, who talks about dealing with his role. "I'm not nearly as young or eager or ambitious as I was when I was doing all those other heavy-duty make-up roles decades ago," Perlman said, "so now, the only way I can get my ya-yas up to go through that process, it has to be a character with the gravitas of Hellboy and for a filmmaker like Guillermo. Otherwise, I just can't do it anymore. I'm too tired, I'm too cranky, I'm too curmudgeony."


CBR News has a new and spoilery review of the gamma-charged "requel."

Collider has a video interview with actress Liv Tyler and another with actor William Hurt.

Producers Gail Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige were interviewed by Ain't It Cool News talking about differences between this and the Ang Lee film as well as a number of other Marvel movie topics.

While we're in the green, Comics2Film reports that ol' Jade Jaws will appear in two animated films as well, "Hulk vs. Thor" and "Hulk vs. Wolverine."


Superhero Hype has a new clip from the action film.


Speaking of gun-toting protagonists, there's a new teaser trailer for the Lexi Alexander-helmed "requel" as well at Superhero Hype.


Superhero Hype also has set photos from the filming at the University of Pennsylvania campus.


More heavy metal? The kerfluffle over direction continues, as Deadline Hollywood Daily claims "Marvel Studios boss David Maisel very recently put out an offer to Jon Favreau to direct the sequel and that the offer is 'definitely' richer than what the helmer received for the original. Even so, the negotiation has only just begun. So all that Internet blather about how Marvel doesn't want to bring back Favreau because the studio is lowballing him is just b.s."

However, the word amongst the nerderati (such as IESB and Ain't It Cool News is that the "Internet blather" got Maisel off his wallet to make a better offer. None of this is an official word from an official source, so take that for what it is ...


Sci Fi Wire has quotes from actor Matt Keeslar, talking about the series' approach. "It's a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi, crime-solving procedural. How's that?" Keeslar said. "It's a cross between 'Men in Black' and 'Get Smart,' or 'The X-Files' and 'Get Smart.' It's about a young girl [Natalie Morales as Wendy Watson] who is inducted into a secret crime-fighting society that solves exotic problems infra-, extra- and juxta-terrestrial."


Superhero Hype is back with an extensive spy report on filming simulating the Omaha Beach invasion.


There's production stills and a press release all showcasing tomorrow's showdown between Peter Parker and Venom.


Nothing gets people more worked up after a huge production than talk of a sequel, and Reuters is noting Hollywood may get another swing at a labor dispute. The Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP), in what could be characterized as its lack-of-progress report issued Thursday, argued that a de facto strike "limiting the green-lighting of features and disrupting pilot production" already has begun. As one talent attorney observed: "No one is doing anything that finishes after June 30, (and) nobody's starting anything now. There is the impact of a strike already." Oof. CBR News will be at the forefront of keeping you informed about how this could affect the properties you love.


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