Captain America Reborn #6 Sells Out & Returns With New Printing

Official Press Release

Marvel is pleased to announce that Captain America Reborn #6 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at the retail level) and will return with Captain America Reborn #6 Second Printing Variant! Red hot writer Ed Brubaker, teams up with acclaimed artist Bryan Hitch to tell the final chapter in the critically acclaimed Reborn epic. The climactic battle between the Red Skull and Steve Rogers reaches its apex, and no one is left unscathed. Captain America Reborn #6 Second Printing Variant features the interior art of Bryan Hitch on a new cover!

"Captain America Reborn is the Cap story everyone has been waiting for since Cap was killed." - Doug Zawisza, ComicBookResources.com

"After skillfully planting the seeds for his master stroke since issue one of Ed Brubaker's volume of Captain America, the Red Skull's plan is finally bearing its poisonous fruit." -Brendan McGuirk, Newsarama.com

"We're finally seeing all of the threads of his epic story, which really started in Captain America #1, come together and the tapestry that Brubaker has been weaving is nearly done. When you step back and take a look at the whole thing, it's really quite impressive." - Chad Derdowski, Mania.com

What does the outcome of this jaw-dropping battle with the Red Skull mean for the future of Captain America? Find out in Captain America Reborn #6 Second Printing Variant!


Written by Ed Brubaker

Pencils & Cover by Bryan Hitch

Rated T+ ...$3.99

FOC-2/11/10, On-Sale-3/03/10

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