10 Captain America Stories That Made Absolutely No Sense

You might only know him as Chris Evans, or you might be an avid comics fan, but Captain America is a household name and a staple in the world of superheroes. He was one of the original heroes to appear in the Marvel Comics. His first appearance dates all the way back to the 1940s.

Captain America is meant to symbolize American values and be someone who you can look up to. He has often been called a man out of time due to the fact he was frozen in ice for years before being revived in the future. His stories have varied far and wide over the years, and we're taking a look at the ones that just didn't make any sense.

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10 Captain America Was Once A Werewolf

Yes, you read that correctly. There was indeed a brief amount of time when Captain America was transformed into a werewolf. He was affectionately dubbed as "CapWolf." Imagine if that had made it into the MCU! The incident occurs in a 1992 issue of Captain America where a man is found murdered, seemingly by a werewolf.

Cap also has a personal werewolf pilot... for some reason. Cap goes to look for his friend and is attacked by a werewolf himself, but he doesn't morph into one until he is injected by Nightshade. He eventually gets the antidote and all returns to normal.

9 The Time He Dressed Up As Someone's Grandma

Normally, when you picture Steve Rogers, it's in his iconic costume, or, if you think about the MCU, he dresses fairly stylishly when not running around with the Avengers. But the one thing you might not anticipate is Captain America dressed up to look like someone's grandmother.

To be fair, as with most things Cap does, it is for a noble purpose as he's after a Nazi. Still, it's pretty weird and hilarious to see him walking around in a blue dress in a powder wig. Bucky joins in on the fun a bit, as it's kind of a double disguise, though he isn't the one in heels.

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8 That Whole HYDRA Plot

Even if you aren't someone who reads Captain America comics, odds are you heard about Marvel's controversial Secret Empire plot that had Cap, of all people, becoming part of Hydra. The gag was even referenced briefly in Avengers: Endgame.

Fans were livid when this issue came out. In the arc, Hydra-Steve is able to rewrite history so that Hydra wins World War II. However, Ant-Man and Winter Soldier are able to help free the real Cap's consciousness that has been hidden away and undo everything that the Hydra-version of Steve did. It's a messy and nonsensical storyline any way you try to spin it.

7 Remember Frankenstein?

We all know who Frankenstein's monster is, and, at one point, the character was adapted into a Captain America story. Surprisingly, Frankenstein is a pretty frequent visitor to the comic book realm. At one point, a clone of the monster is made, and, not only is he a monster in general, but they also make him a Nazi sympathizer, weirdly.

This means that Captain America must team up with Bucky to take down the Nazi clone of Frankenstein's monster. Not only that, but there is actually a second Nazi clone, as if one wasn't bad enough.

6 Cap vs. Snake Ronald Reagan

Sometimes you have to wonder if comic book writers just put a bunch of concepts into a hat and draw the ideas out at random before mashing them all together. There was one comic issue where Steve Rogers, who was falling out of love with America and only going by The Captain, got into a fight with President Ronald Reagan.

That statement alone is enough to raise eyebrows but to make matters even stranger, it wasn't the Reagan we know. He had been turned into a creepy snake version of himself by the Serpent Society.

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5 Doughboy

Specially made for you by people who think the Pillsbury Doughboy is scary, we guess, but Doughboy appeared in Captain America #209 in the year of 1977. Ghostbusters might have done this monstrosity better years later. In the comic series, Doughboy looks like his name suggests, a giant glob of dough.

He's creepy looking, we'll give the artists that, but his purpose and creation is more than a little odd. Doughboy becomes a threat to Cap after being created by Arnim Zolla, and, at one point, even teams up with Baron Zemo against the superhero. His character was featured in a few Avengers cartoons.

4 He "Quit America"

There have been several times in the comics where Captain America has "quit America," and become simply The Captain, as mentioned above or "Captain of Nothing." That was the name of a storyline where Steve Rogers agrees to surrender to the authorities when he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

He quit in the 70s and 80s as well, but his recent career move would appear to be due to real-life political circumstances, as he's been written to oppose much going on in the country. The storyline was also a continuation of the Secret Empire storyline.

3 When He Did Drugs

We all know Captain America as someone who is meant to uphold all the virtues and the best parts of what it means to be a good person, a noble human, and a role model. Well, that comes crashing down a bit in his war on drugs when Captain America is accidentally dosed with meth.

He winds up being super high and kind of having an all-around good time. The comic makes the most of Cap's slip-up by having him eat Kingpin's dinner and even indulge in a bit of fisticuff with Daredevil.

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2 Kills Gorillas

We've already talked about how hated the Secret Empire storyline and Hydra-Steve Rogers was, but it's like the writers wanted to add even more reasons to make people dislike the era of Captain America. There is a comic where he actually murders a gorilla. People are still pretty sensitive about that whole Harambe incident, so, of course, many fans were confused about this out of character moment.

Animal rights groups surely weren't happy about seeing a popular superhero taking down an animal for no real reason. His reason for doing this is to basically prove how much of a hardcore villain he is that he has to go on an ape-murdering rampage.

1 He Was A Two-Timer

If fans are divided on the ending of Avengers: Endgame that sees Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers finally end up together happily married, then they would be even more upset to find out at that one point in time, Captain America was cheating on Peggy.

Not only was he cheating, but he was dating her younger sister, Sharon, while unable to admit to Peggy that his feelings for her had changed. It was pretty messy, and it occurred in 1973 when Peggy was older but not as old as she was in the films.

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