10 Things Every Captain America Fan Wants

Captain America is the leader of the Avengers and the most patriotic hero Marvel has in their lineup. With Chris Evans' portrayal of the character in the MCU, it's common to find people who are fans of Captain America. With his starring turn in Avengers: Endgame likely as his last MCU appearance, Captain America fans are soon going to be grieving.

With so many Captain America fans, though, there is plenty of merchandise and collectibles for them to get. Whether he's in the MCU, those fans will remain loyal to him. Here are 10 things that every Captain America fan wants.

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Captain America is an icon for the United States. He's been saving them from government extremists and loyal HYDRA servants for decades. However, HYDRA gets the upper hand in "Captain America: Winter in America". The result is that the nation no longer trusts Cap, and his reputation is slowly destroyed.

Those who want to conquer the world are trying to ruin the image of Captain America slowly. In the meantime, there is also a new threat rising that Cap must face. This comic is an excellent example of Captain America's determination in the face of adversity. He never turns his back.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is probably one of the best movies for fans of Captain America. Learning that Bucky had been a HYDRA agent rather than perishing in World War II was a massive twist.

However, that movie was heavily rooted in the comics. Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection contains all the stories about the Winter Soldier resurfacing and Captain America figuring out it was his longtime friend, Bucky. This comic has many similar elements to the film, but there are plenty of new plot twists and turns that make it a great read for newcomers as well.


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Captain America has become one of Marvel's most iconic heroes, but there is a lot to learn about him. The character has been around for decades, going through multiple arcs, fighting an immeasurable amount of bad guys, and being involved in a nearly endless number of comics. There's so much to him.

Thankfully, all that history has been captured in Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger. Fans can read this book and learn everything there is to know about the Star-Spangled Avenger. Learn about his comics, his villains, and everything else in between to become the ultimate Cap fan.


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Funko has taken numerous characters and given them adorable variants in the form of Funko Pop! figures. While it's only natural that Captain America would get the same treatment, there are several variations based on the movies and comics.

For those that are diehard fans of the character, this Captain America Funko Pop! is probably the best option. It's inspired by classic comic book design, featuring a bright and colorful costume as well as the wings on his mask. It's not far off from the MCU version, but it definitely has a few variations that make it stand out from those costumes.


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Diamond Select Toys has made plenty of statues for all sorts of comic book characters, including Captain America. However, fans might want to purchase this one above all the others because of which Captain America it represents. This statue is based on the Captain America seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

He is wearing tattered his suit with the shield gauntlets given to him by Black Panther. He is also sporting his unkempt hair and more noticeable beard. This Captain America was one of the highlights of Infinity War, as he was never afraid to fight both the United Nations and the Mad Titan.


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Captain America's shield has a very simple design. It's a circle with red and white stripes and a big white star in the middle. Despite being so simple, it is a centerpiece to his design and extremely iconic. For Captain America fans, that might be just enough to make this decorative pillow worth a purchase.

It's a circular pillow made to look like the Avenger's shield seen in the comics and the films. Being a decorative pillow, though, we don't recommend trying to sleep on it, as it probably won't feel all that great. It makes for a nice addition to a Captain America setup, though.


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There are all sorts of mugs with different designs on them. With it being easy to print on the side of a mug, it makes sense that we'd see one based on Captain America by this point. However, what makes this Captain America mug so special is that much more effort went into it than just slapping an image on it.

The mug has a much wider shape to it, as it was designed to look like Captain America's shield from top to bottom. Being a ceramic mug, there's a greater sense of authenticity to this one that other mugs don't have. It might be odd to drink from, but Captain America fans probably won't care.


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Captain America has been a part of the MCU for quite some time now, and Marvel has done the work of giving him his own trilogy. Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War follow a consistent arc for the character in which he fights for his country, becomes disillusioned with it, and makes himself an outlaw.

It helps that this trilogy holds two of the best films in the entire MCU. Captain America fans are probably in love with these films, which makes the collection a worthy addition to any Cap collection.


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Captain America doesn't have a logo per se in the same way that Spider-Man and Batman do. That's why manufacturers that want to brand something with Captian America just use the shield. It's simple, effective, and iconic, which is everything a logo needs to be.

Captain America fans will likely want to show off their love for the character from time to time, which makes this shirt a great option. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, while still having that logo front and center. It's also not an attention-grabbing shirt, meaning that it would be easy to integrate with a nice outfit.


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When you hear the name Marvel Legends, you know you're getting a quality product. This line of collectibles contains some of the most accurate and well-created replicas on the market. It has made items like Thor's hammer and Star Lord's helmet. Among its products is a replica of Captain America's shield.

While they couldn't get actual vibranium, this shield is probably as good as it gets. Complete with straps on the back, it's easy to wield this shield the same way Captain America does in the movies. It would be the perfect touch to a Captain America cosplay or the talk of the town as part of a Halloween costume.

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