Captain America, Iron Man Cosplayers Recreate Classic Tales of Suspense Cover

Two Marvel cosplayers decided to take their craft to the next level and recreate a classic Tales of Suspense cover starring Captain America and Iron Man.

Reddit user StrangeSanti shared an image to the r/ComicBooks subreddit featuring himself and a friend dressed as the 1960s versions of the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and the Armored Avenger. Their poses, combined with the image's editing, mimic the cover of 1964's Tales of Suspense #59, on which Captain America bursts through the page with Iron Man standing alongside him.

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In many ways, the piece of art pays a lot of attention to detail. Mimicking the 60's art style, the Iron Man costume even features a black slash across the mask to resemble the typical shading. The texts are similar and the friends even made sure to add a smaller photo of themselves in the top left corner box.

The issue being homaged itself follows Cap and Shellhed in their own respective stories. In Tales of Suspense #59, Iron Man finds himself battling the villain known as the Black Knight. Meanwhile, Captain America's story was actually the premiere of a brand-new arc starring the hero.

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StrangeSanti also seems to suggest the image is merely a rough draft. In response to a comment over the Iron Man costume, the Redditor claimed, "I'm [planning] on upgrading Iron Man with the [inking] on the torso, a muscle suit and the right helmet (the face shell is interchangeable)."

On his user page, identifies as a cosplayer and an illustrator. The post isn't his only foray into remaking comic book covers. For instance, there is another post with him posing as Eternity with his friend, "Clea, Sorcerer Supreme."

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