Captain America, Hulk, American Splendor, Spidey 1 & 2, Punisher: C2F wrap for June 30, 2003


Recent rumors about a planned"Captain America" movie are false.

Stories began circulating afew weeks ago about "a big name producer" circling the project andBrad Pitt expressing interest in signing a three-picture deal to star asAmerica's living legend.

According to the rumors, the alleged movie would bebased on Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's take from "TheUltimates."

That all sounds very exciting but Kevin Feige,Executive Vice President of Marvel Studios tells us there is "no truth toit at all."

"Amazing the trouble people will go to to start a rumor," Feigesaid of the story.

"Captain America" is set up at ArtisanEntertainment, which licensed 15 Marvel characters for development back in thesummer of 2000. The first film to spring out of that deal is "ThePunisher," which starts filming this summer. The next most likely projectsseem to be "Man-Thing," which may film this year in Australia and"Iron Fist" which has long had Ray Park attached to star.


In spite of strong performance during the week following its opening"The Hulk" saw a precipitous drop in audience numbers in its secondweekend according to estimates published by BoxOffice Mojo.

According to the box office analysis site, "The Hulk" lost over 70%of its audiences in its second week, taking in a mere $18.4 million. The greengoliath did just manage to clear the $100 million mark.

Fans continue to express love-it or hate-it reactions to the movie, but thefractured word of mouth seems to be enough to keep moviegoers away.

"The Hulk" was the #2 movie for the weekend, following"Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" which took in $38 million, but alsofailed to live up to expectations.


Varietyreports that 2003's sixth comic adaptation will close out the Comedia festivalin Montreal next month.

Comedia, the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival'scomedy-film event, runs from July 10 to July 20 and will showcase 25 movies,including "American Splendor" based on Harvey Pekar's comics.

The film, starring Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis hasalready garnered awards at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals.

"American Splendor" will close Comedia. The movie is due out inlimited release starting August 15th.


Fans shouldn'tstart looking for a "Spider-Man 2" trailer until November, accordingto today's Variety.

Anarticle detailing the difficulty in getting F/X work done on movies early enoughto have a compelling ad campaign revealed that the studio promotion for thesequel wouldn't be as intense as it was for the original.

The Novembertrailer will be timed to capitalize on the holiday movie season, less than sevenmonths before the summer release. By contrast, the original movie saw it's firstteaser a full year before release.


Varietyreports that Marvel escalated its lawsuit against Sony on Friday, filing a newaction against the multi-media giant's electronics arm Sony Electronics. Marvelis alleging "tortious interference" in their suit, filed in L.A.Superior Court.

At the crux of its argument is the allegation that Sony reneged on itsagreement to develop "Spider-Man" video games and electronicsproducts. Further, Marvel alleges that Sony Electronics interfered with Marvel'sability to otherwise exploit the character in those arenas by instructing SonyPictures not to license the character to its competitors.

According to the report, the suit seeks $10 million in damages.


Artisan Entertainment confirms that is Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ("X2")signs on for "The Punisher" she'll be playing Joan from Garth Ennis'run on the comic. Artisan describes the character as "the Punisher'sneighbor who lives by herself and is unaware of his alter ego. A classy andreserved woman, Joan has had her own share of hardship and feels safe andcomfortable being around the man who lives next door."


Oscar- and Tony-nominated screenwriter-playwright David Newman died Thursdayin New York according to today's Variety.

Newman suffered a stroke on June 21st. He was 66 years old.

Newman is best known to Comics2Film readers as the screenwriter on"Superman," which is regarded by many as the best comic bookadaptation of all time. He went on to write the sequels "Superman II"and "Superman III."

In 1968 he received an Oscar nomination for his screenplay for "Bonnieand Clyde."


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