How Mark Gruenwald Set Up Mark Waid's Captain America Run

In Captain America #443 (by Gruenwald, Hoover and Bulanadi), Cap is visited by the magical being known as Black Crow, who lets Cap know that he has only 24 hours left to live...

Cap isn't sure what to do with his last day. He visits Free Spirit and Jack Flagg and entrusts them to carry on with his assistance network...

He visits his childhood friend, Arnie Roth, just in time for Arnie to die (how weird is that scene?)....

He visits the kid who helped him set up his assistance network, only now he's a teenager and his MOM GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD?!? What the what?

What the heck kind of scene was that?

Cap had plans to see other friends of his, but then Batroc shows up at Avengers Mansion and Cap ends up talking to him all night, trying to get Batroc to reform. Cap figures that if he got through to him and found one more hero for the world, then it was all worth it.

He then goes to his room and seemingly dies...

but when the Avengers show up, he's gone!

And that was it. That was what Waid asked for, to have Captain America's body disappear at the end of the story.

Of course, we learn in two issues that the Red Skull kidnapped him and then cured him so that he could help the Red Skull take down Hitler, who has taken over the Cosmic Cube.

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