Captain America Gets a Samurai Makeover From Tamashii Nations

On the armored heels of the Marvel Manga Realization Spider-Man and Iron Man figures arrives our first look at Tamashii Nations' new samurai Captain America.

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Arguably the best-looking collectible in the series to date, the Sentinel of Liberty steps out of feudal Japan clad in recognizable, yet decidedly different, armor and a fearsome mask, complete with exaggerated "wings." Of course, Cap wouldn't go anywhere without his signature shield, which here undergoes a slight makeover.

The Marvel Manga Realization figures are of course similar to Tamashii Nations' better-known Movie Realization "Star Wars" line, which reimagines Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett and other characters as feudal Japanese warriors (a look at the latest addition, Darth Maul, can be found at TAG Hobby).

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No details are available yet about the price or the release date for the Marvel Manga Realization Captain America figure, but it'll likely be available in North America through Bandai and its approved retailers, for somewhere in the neighborhood of $95 (at least that's about what Spider-Man and Iron Man cost).

(via TAG Hobby, Toy Ark)

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