Waid & Samnee Put Captain America Back on Ice for Marvel Legacy


Steve Rogers is going to experience another time-travel adventure as Mark Waid and Chris Samnee ramp up the Avenger's solo series for the big release of Captain America #700 in 2018. Marvel has released the cover art for Issue #698, and it reveals that Cap will once again find himself encased in a tomb of ice, and, once again, will find himself thawing out years after his frozen fate.

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“Everybody thought it couldn’t happen again—but it has!” SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in a statement. “Once more, Cap is a man out of time—but the new era he finds himself in is fraught with perils, personal hardships, and challenges unlike anything the shield-slinger has ever experienced before. The lead-up to our big blow-out #700 issue starts here!”

The text accompanying the cover art also reveals that the issue will involve the formation of an all-new team of Howling Commandos. Judging by the figures who appear too be praying to Cap's frozen form, it's probably safe to assume this incarnation of the Commandos will feature new characters, though it's probably also likely at least one member will have some sort of connection to Steve and his past.

Captain America #698, the first chapter of "Out of Time," written by Mark Waid with art and cover by Chris Samnee, arrives in stores Feb. 7, 2018.

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