Captain America fights crime, wrinkles in new promo comic

How does Captain America manage to look the same as he did in the closing days of World War II? It may not be entirely due to Abraham Erskine's Super-Soldier serum.

In one of the more unusual team-ups in recent memory, cosmetics retailer Kiehl's has turned to Marvel to produce a comic promoting its new Heavy Lifting anti-aging moisturizer for men. If any superhero knows about remaining ageless, even if it requires drugs and staying frozen for decades, it's Captain America (and if anyone needs moisturizer, it's probably Steve Rogers; all that time in ice is bound to leave the skin dry and flaky).

Created by William Harms, Angel Unzueta and Ty Templeton, Captain America: Transformation & Triumph will be given away to customers who purchase Heavy Lifting in stores or online (you can read it for free on the company's website). In the comic, which cuts between the past and the present Cap follows Cobra to Kiehl's iconic flagship store in New York City's East Village, which in our hero's youth was a pharmacy.

What's the villain after? A little something for those rough elbows, maybe, but also some remnants of Erskine's experiments, which were hidden away in the store's subbasement. Because ... Irving "Doc" Morse, who bought Kiehl's in 1921, thought that's what should be done with top-secret materials after Erskine's death? Something like that.

"When you go onto our store, we've got skeletons and motorcycles and planes," Kiehl's President Chris Salgardo tells USA Today. "These are things that men love. So we thought, 'OK, there's a great backdrop here for a story.' " He gave the folks at Marvel a tour of the original location, which opened in 1851. "When they got to the store, it was pretty easy to make this thing come to life," he adds. "The Marvel guys, they weren't fans of Kiehl's but they're certainly fans of us now."

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