Captain America Comic Book Urban Legends

* Artist Joe Jusko dressed up as Captain America for the cover of a comic book.

* Jonathan Frakes used to dress up as Captain America for conventions.

* The shape of Captain America's shield was the result of another comic book company.

* Martin Goodman was paid money for a Captain America movie that he never shared with Joe Simon or Jack Kirby.

* Mark Waid took his name off an issue of Captain America because editorial changed his story after approving Waid's script.

* Fiorello LaGuardia personally promised protection to Jack Kirby and Joe Simon from death threats.

* Captain America #249 was not approved by the Comics Code Authority because it featured a suicide.

* Captain America once had a metal-laced skeleton.

* J. M. DeMatteis planned to kill Captain America during his run on the title.

* Marvel came out with a Broadway musical starring Captain America.

* Chuck Dixon was the original writer on Heroes Reborn Captain America

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