"Captain America: Civil War's" Scarlet Witch Will Have a 'Unique' Relationship with Vision

"Captain America: Civil War" will turn the Avengers against one another, and that has many fans wondering how Scarlet Witch and the Vision -- who were once married in the comics -- will interact in the film, as they will be on opposing sides. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" star Elizabeth Olsen addressed this concern during an interview with Collider and called their relationship "unique."

"I think there's something unique in the fact that her powers come from the same thing that powers him, and that is how we've made them have that kind of... that specifically in common, as opposed to it being something else that the comics kind of created, which has been pure romance," she explained. "But they do have something uniquely special because of that."

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As to her Scarlet Witch's powers, she said, "You'll see her do some things that she didn't get to do in the first one."

"I think part of that comes from time's passed, and she's been in an environment where training is part of the thing," she added. "It's not like we do a montage of her discovering her powers like in every X-Men film [laughs] but yeah, there's no montage. But she does have these new abilities that we pick her up with."

Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, also weighed in on where his character stands in the film and where the movie picks up.

"Marvel's really smart about continuing the storylines of all the different movies from 'Ultron' into this one and blah blah blah blah -- it's pretty seamless. So where we left off in 'Ultron' is definitely picked up in 'Cap 3' here, pretty smoothly I think," he explained.

"I think that [home life] will always be there for Barton, right?" he added. "You have real life, and then you have fight life. And that's the character that I love now -- discovering that in him makes him a very sort of accessible Avenger. That'll always be there, I'm sure. And it certainly plays in this one."

As to the comic's influence on the character, he said, "Yeah, that self-deprecating, irreverence -- all that sort of Han Solo-ish, old school Indiana Jones kind of thing. That's fun to play. I'm only here for a short amount of time, but getting a lot done. We're having a lot of fun. That's also what's so great about the Russo brothers -- literally they'll have a line that's pretty good and have a couple of alts that was good, and then we can just throw in whatever the heck we want. Joss [Whedon] was good with that with me too in the last one, just kind of throwing in some funny lines. I think we're gonna have a few zingers in this one too, I hope."

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and more, "Captain America: Civil War" opens on May 6, 2016.

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