"Captain America: Civil War" Trailer's 6 Most Pulse-Pounding Match-Ups

Marvel Studios' "Captain America: Civil War" makes a case for claiming the mantle of the Superhero Slugfest of the Year with its latest trailer -- and boy, does it pack a punch. Really, it packs a lot of punches, kicks, energy blasts, explosions and even one quick "thwip." If you're looking to see nonstop superhero vs. superhero action, then this trailer is the one for you.

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In addition to all the fighting, the new trailer also sets up the film's stakes while explaining why Marvel's heroes are rallying around Iron Man and Captain America: Too much destruction has occurred in the wake of these superhero battles, and the Avengers have to be held accountable. With the reasoning established, the trailer kicks things into high gear and gives us a nonstop stream of conflicts -- here are the six best!

Winter Soldier vs. Black Panther

These two have been trading blows since the very first teaser for the film, which saw Black Panther planting his foot firmly in Bucky's face. This trailer includes more of the apparent grudge match between the pais, with the king of Wakanda leaping after Bucky's bike and dragging him to the ground. These two are seen sparring later on in the trailer, as they come into conflict with a helicopter. It's been stated repeatedly that Black Panther really doesn't have a side in the film, so one has to wonder if he's standing with Iron Man solely because Winter Soldier stands with Cap. Did Bucky perform some sort of black-ops mission in Wakanda while under Hydra's control, or is that a Wakandan embassy we see blown up in the trailer?

Scarlet Witch vs. Vision

Say it ain't so! Fans have eagerly awaited a big screen depiction of the romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision for years, and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" just didn't have room to kick off their relationship. It looks like these two will get some screen time together in "Civil War," although it looks like it's not in the way that a lot of fans wish. This conflict flashes by quickly, but the sight of Wanda Maximoff using her powers on Vision really stays with you. Is clashing in a superhero civil war a major relationship dealbreaker?

Hawkeye & Ant-Man vs. Iron Man

How's this for a comic book shout out? This quick moment in the trailer directly homages the cover for "Avengers" #223, which depicts tiny Scott Lang riding on one of Hawkeye's arrows. "Civil War" included the live-action version of that fan-favorite cover in this clip -- and it also showed us just who Hawkeye's aiming at. We see Lang dismount the trick arrow and slide right through Iron Man's fingers, setting up an airborne one-on-one fight between Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr.'s armor-clad hero.

Captain America vs. Iron Man

This is the fight that pretty much every bit of "Civil War's" marketing is built around: Captain America vs. Iron Man. We've seen the two trade biting remarks in previous Marvel movies and trailers for "Civil War," and we've also seen footage of Cap and Bucky taking on Tony together. The new "Civil War" trailer, however, features a man-to-man confrontation between the two founding Avengers. The fight actually looks to be in Cap's favor, as he lands a string of heavy blows against his former friend. And yep, this movie will show us how Iron Man's armor holds up against Cap's vibranium shield.

Everyone vs. Everyone

We now know the massive showdown between Team Cap and Team Iron Man will take place on the tarmac of a German airport -- and that it was shot in IMAX. The new trailer goes a step further than we've seen before, by showing us both sides charging into battle. Then the camera pulls back and puts the massive melee in perspective, revealing exactly what the Russo brothers meant when they called the battle their "splash" page. That's the most epic shot of the trailer, right there.

Spider-Man vs. Scowls

Okay, things look pretty serious in "Civil War." Hero fighting hero, government accountability, personal grudges -- these are heavy themes. And then comes your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, fully equipped to turn those frowns upside down. The wall-crawler makes his magnificent Marvel debut in this trailer, thwipping Cap's shield right out of his hands and cutting through the tension with a nonchalant, "Hey, everyone." No matter how serious things get in "Civil War," it looks like Tom Holland's Spider-Man will be on hand to fight back the tonal darkness.

"Captain America: Civil War" opens on May 6, 2016.

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