Captain America: Civil War Helps Disney Hit Record Earnings in 2016

Disney is having a very good 2016.

With the help of a few major releases from Marvel Studios and Pixar, Disney has earned an astounding $5.85 billion dollars as of November 1 -- and that's from global movie theater ticket sales alone, without factoring in licensing. The total, with several months left to go, has already eclipsed the studio's previous best year of record of $5.84 billion.

"Captain America: Civil War," raking in about $408 million domestically, wasn't even the studio's biggest hit this year. That honor belongs to "Finding Dory", a $485 million (and over a billion worldwide) leviathan. Add those box office takes to the hit CGI/live-action remake of "The Jungle Book," and Disney has been having a very healthy year.

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It's still not record breaking -- yet. The all time global box-office record still belongs to Universal Studios, which in 2015 made $6.89 billion thanks in part to the record shattering "Jurassic World". Still, experts believe Disney has a pretty good shot at surpassing even that lofty number, with three potential hits ready to roll into theaters before the end of the year.

"Doctor Strange," another MCU entry is already projected to do quite respectably in its theatrical run. "Moana," Disney's upcoming animated adventure is put together by creative minds behind hits "Frozen" and "Aladdin," and probably going to earn Disney quite a bit of cash. There's also the follow-up to one of the highest grossing movies of all time; "The Force Awakens" holds the domestic box office record (though globally, it still comes in behind James Cameron's "Avatar" and "Titanic"). Its follow up "Rogue One" will be in theaters this December.

If those three movies are anywhere close to projections, Disney will have had a record breaking year. Their hits should leave the more marginal financial failures such as "Alice Through the Looking Glass", "The BFG", and "The Finest Hours" as a footnote in the history of Disney's return to box office dominance.

Via Variety

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