"Captain America: Civil War" Hasbro Legends set includes Spider-Man's new suit

Ever since Spider-Man's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via his shield-stealing scene in that "Captain America: Civil War" teaser, everyone has been talking about Spidey's new suit.

Marvel announced today, via a very special Facebook Live event at Marvel HQ in New York, that Spidey would be joining Captain America and Iron Man in Hasbo's newest "Civil War"-inspired figure set this fall.

The set will include three figures: battle-torn Iron Man, battle-torn Captain America, and Spider-Man in his new MCU outfit. The set also comes with Captain America's shield, which both Spider-Man and Captain America can wear. Iron Man also comes with respulser blasts and a changeable head, for Tony Stark.

The video unveiling can be viewed below, which includes a look at the characters boxed and unboxed.

(Via Marvel)

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