"Captain America: Civil War" - Everything You Need to Know... So Far

In October 2014, Marvel Studios revealed its upcoming Phase Three slate and made fan's brains explode.

For many, the crown jewel in that announcement was "Captain America: Civil War." Marvel's follow-up to the critically and fan-acclaimed "Winter Soldier" pits the titular hero against Robert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man in the aftermath of "Age of Ultron's" world-changing events, and as comic book readers know, the resulting rift was cut long and deep across the Marvel U.

Among the returning crew are the Russo Brothers, back as directors, hot off their "Winter Soldier" success -- and they're bringing a few of their previous film's cast with them.

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With Hawkeye recently revealed to be the latest Avenger to join the story's roster of heroes, CBR presents a primer on everything you need to know before "Civil War" hits theaters.

What It's About

Who's Definitely In It

When Marvel announced the project in the Fall of 2014, fans had to puff on their inhalers overtime at the prospect of Cap and Iron Man duking it out on the big screen. Some no doubt fainted as more casting rumors trickled out from the event. Here's what we know so far:

Who Might Be In It

Does "Civil War" have room for the recently-acquired Spider-Man?

Fans of the comic know of the pivotal role Peter Parker played, with the hero ultimately "outing" himself to the world in an attempt to inspire other superheroes to do the same. When news hit that Sony and Marvel had reached a deal on the web-slinger, the rumor mill was quick to point to "Civil War" as the film where he would make his entrance into the MCU. Since then, rumblings indicate that we could first see Spidey in "Doctor Strange," coming November 2016 -- seven months ahead of Cap's third outing.

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Using "Strange" as a launch pad of sorts for the hero makes sense...ish. It gives Marvel time to ramp audiences up to his first "official" MCU appearance, instead of just air dropping him into "Civil War" without any set-up. Unless the filmmakers have a plan in store to smoothly transition him into a movie that's already full with four Avengers in main roles, and a host of others ready to join in the battle.

Either way, fans only lose if he fails to appear in "Civil War," so it's a good thing the odds are Spidey'll be swinging into the fray. The story is too big for him to sit on the sidelines, and it's doubtful that Disney and Marvel can resist the piles of box office to be earned by touting Cap, Iron Man and Spider-Man being in the same movie.

"Civil War" hits theaters May 6, 2016. Get excited.

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