Captain America: Civil War Cast Laughs It Up In Blooper Reel

Captain America Civil War blooper

Marvel Studios "Captain America: Civil War" was a highly polished film, from the glorious fight scenes to the quiet, emotional moments. But if the newly released blooper reel teasing the film's upcoming digital and Bu-ray release, is any indication, the road to that level of Marvel Studios polish is a long one dotted with flubs and the occasional technical malfunction.

The roughly minute-long reel showcases some of the little production quirks that moviegoers rarely ever get to see, from Robert Downey Jr. continuously going off script and breaking the fourth wall to Scarlett Johansson just trying to get those darn nightsticks to work.

"Civil War" is currently slated for a September 2, 2016 release digitally and a September 13, 2016 release Blu-Ray release. Aside from an extended blooper reel, the Blu-Ray will also contain a making-of documentary, a preview for the upcoming "Doctor Strange" film and audio commentary with the Russo brothers.

Falcon Civil War blooper

Black Widow Civil War blooper

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