Captain America brightens your day with new Funko POP! Party Lights

Chances are if you're reading this, you own at least one of the hundreds of miniaturized figures that have made the Funko POP! Vinyl line a worldwide success. But what if you could take that "Attack on Titan" Colossal Titan or glow-in-the-dark Ant-Man vinyl off your shelf and hang them, say, from your ceiling?

Revolutionary, right? Well, today you're one step closer to living that very specific dream.

Funko has announced its first run of POP! Party Lights, with Captain America as their debut character -- all in celebration of Cap's 75th anniversary. The lights themselves look similar in style to the heads of the company's popular vinyl figures, just smaller and ready to light up.

These hanging lights are the newest addition to Funko's POP! Home line, which includes Star Wars themed coffee cups, as well as Marvel salt and pepper shakers.

Sadly, Scott Lang and any of your favorite titans are going to have to wait -- Captain America is so far the only character confirmed to get the POP! Party Lights treatment at the moment. The Cap lights, which come in a string of ten, will arrive this August and retail for $19.99 a set.

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