Captain America Dubbed With Billy Eichner's Voice Earns Chris Evans' Approval

A viral video that dubs Billy Eichner's voice over Captain America in a scene from Captain America: Civil War has gotten approval from a lot of people online -- including Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

Twitter user lissy took the video of Captain America leading his rogue team of heroes into battle against Iron Man's Avengers and dubbed in Billy Eichner's voice from his popular series Billy on the Street.

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Billy on the Street sees comedic actor Billy Eichner running around the streets of downtown New York City to ask people silly pop culture questions in exchange for a dollar, like, "For a dollar, who's sexier, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?"

He also does "lightning rounds" that have special themes. In this one, he enlisted a group of lesbians to run around with him and, when he asked questions of passersby, he would then consult the women to see if they concurred with the answers before he gave the dollar to the "contestants." As he ran with them, he would shout, "Come on, lesbians!"

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So that audio was placed on top of the epic scene in Civil War, while the heroes run into battle. Eichner proudly shared the edit on his Twitter, looping Evans into the conversation.

Evans then chimed in with the brilliant response:

Social media at its finest.

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